Thursday, July 31, 2008

Almah : Porão do Rock 2008

Almah will play tomorrow at Porão do Rock 2008 in Brasilia (Brasil) at 20h10. The headliners this year are the two famous bands Suicidal Tendences and Muse.

For more news : Porão do Rock official website

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Almah's live pics : Anime Friends 2008

If you want to see Almah's live pics at Anime Friends 2008 click here (down of the page 16 to the page 22). These pics have been taken by a fan.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Updating of the Marcelo barbosa 's blog

Marcelo Barbosa upadating his blog : he gives us Almah's news : theses two last weeks, Almah have played at Anime Friends. Marcelo explains it was great ! After that, they have taken photos for the Fragile Equality cover and they have worked on the mix of the album and have given an interview for "Canal 21". Today, he receives Almah's members in Brasilia for the Porao Do Rock 's rehearsals.
Marcelo ends his message : "The Almah 's CD is great !"

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa official blog

Monday, July 28, 2008

Edu Falaschi : Roxfestival 2008

Edu Falaschi will take part in Roxfestival 2008 on August 10 in Sao Paulo (Brazil). He will play
Knights of the Zodiac 's songs and some Angra's songs.

For more news : Roxfestival official website

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Edu Falaschi and Júlio Vieira

The singer of the band called Mr Ego, Júlio Vieira, will take part in the Edu's workshop tour in August 6 and 7. Júlio Vieira explains the importance for him to be "with one of the best singers of the present time, and one of my main influences."

Júlio Vieira

For more news : MS Metal Press

Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Paulo Schrober 's video

Paulo Schroeber has put a new video on his Myspace !

"To My Father : demo instrumental"

Paulo Schroeber Official Myspace

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Interview Felipe Andreoli and Marcelo Moreira for the brazilian program "Na rede"

Here an interview of Felipe Andreoli and Marcelo Moreira, for all people who are speaking portuguese ! Of course it's about Almah and the "Fragile Equality" release.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Edu Falaschi : Workshop tour

New date on the Edu Falaschi 's workshop tour : he will play on August 7 at 19h00 in the town of Ribeirão Preto (Brazil).

The band Dream Vision will take part in the event.

For more news : MS Metal Press

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Edu Falaschi : Workshop at Cataguases (Brazil)

Edu will give a workshop on August 15 at 19h00 at Cataguases (Brazil).

In this workshop Edu will speak about technical vocal and will play songs of the first Almah's album, Angra 's songs, and Knights of the Zodiac's songs.

The bands Harmonyca and Soul Collector will partake in the event.

For more news : MS Metal Press

Monday, July 21, 2008

Almah's french official website development

Join us on the new Almah's french official website and on the Almah's forum ! You're Welcome !

Almah France
Almah France Forum

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Marcelo Barbosa : "III Festival BNB da Música Instrumental"

Marcelo Barbosa played yesterday at "III Festival BNB da Música Instrumental". This festival has as a vocation to promote music diversity and to give a bigger place to brazilian instrumental music.

For more news : Flogao Almah

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Opening of the Almah' s french forum !

Join us on the Almah's french forum to speak about Almah and others topics which close to your heart !

You could create new topics in english and speak with us !

You're welcome !
Almah's french forum

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Almah's set-list Anime-Friends 2008

Set-list :

  • Children of Lies (Almah)
  • King (Almah)
  • Heroes of Sand (Angra)
  • Scary Zone (Almah)
  • Bleeding Heart (Angra)
  • Morceau de Fragile Equality (Almah)
  • Saint Seya (Chevaliers du Zodiaque)
  • Forgotten Land (Almah)
  • Breathe (Almah)
  • Golden Empire (Almah)
  • Take Back Your Spell (Almah)
  • Nova Era (Angra)
  • Morceau de Fragile Equality (Almah)
  • Spread Your Fire (Angra)
  • Run to The Hills (Iron Maiden)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Almah : "Anime-Friends 2008" Sao-Paulo (Brazil)

Edu Falaschi and Paulo Schroeber

Almah will play this Evening at "Anime-Friends 2008" for the pre- launching of his new album, "Fragile Equality".

For more news : "Anime-Friends 2008" official website
and the news "Almah : Anime-Friends 2008"

Pics : Edu and Monsterjam at Crossroads Bar in Curitiba at "Dia Mundial Do Rock"

Gustavo Guerra, Edu, Marcelus and the band Monsterjam

Gustavo Guerra, Edu, Marcelus and the band Monsterjam at Crossroads Bar in Curitiba at "Dia Mundial Do Rock" in July 11.

Edu and Monsterjam have playing for the rock world day celebration King (Almah), Flight Of Icarus (Iron Maiden), The Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden), Two Minutes To Midnight (Iron Maiden), et The Show Must Go On (Queen).

For more news : Flogao Almah
and news "Edu Falaschi at "Dia Mundial Do Rock"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Edu Falaschi speaks about Almah and Angra 's future

Just before going up on stage for the "Dia Mundial Do Rock", Edu granted an interview to Whiplah (brazilian metal website). He commented the recording of the second Almah's album and new Angra prospects. The new album recording must be finished next week. Releasing is scheduled for september.

How is going the recording of the new Almah's album ?

Edu : "Almah turn now as a real band more than a solo project. I have invited this time Brazilians to join the band. The idea is to give continuity of work studio to the stage with the same musicians. The work is setting very well with humble and very gifted people. Its a perfect way to make a success of a good work. It will be one of the best albums that I have recorded in my carrer,maybe the best one.

Which is the diffence between the new album and the fist Almah's album ?
Edu : The main difference is in fisrt that all the musicians took part in the compositions. The Album has is own style. It's more uniform. The first album was more experimental. Musics are in the Almah style, there is a continuity with the new album, but at the same time they are more successfully completed. The new album 's coating is better.

In the new album there is a contribution of Felipe Andreoli, which is an Angra's member. Which is prints an Angra identity to the new Almah's album ?

Edu : there is an Angra 's influence because I'm the Angra's singer and Felipe the Angra's bass player. But we're searching for the band is own sound, because we wishes to make carrer. Musicians are very good and have their own way of playing, which is contributed to the project.

When will release the new album ?

Edu : CD should be release at the end of september, in Japan, Europe, Brazil and United States. The idea is to keep in work, to move on a tour and albums. We must make our first world tour soon. we appoint it for 2009. We don't have any dates yet, but it's under consideration.

If Almah become a band and either a solo project, what about Angra ?
Edu : Actualy Angra is making a break and is seeing to legals issue (...), beeing in peace and quiet. We wait the good time to back in force. Obviously some changes will occur in the band due to all the problems. The most important is that Angra comes back solid and strong to give joyfulness to people and fans.Its our greatest wish.

Do the changes impact the administrative part or the lining-up ?

Edu : I can not anticipate yet what will be decided, but changes will relate artistic and administrative parts.

Sorry for the bad translation... If you want to read the interview in portuguese here the link to Whiplash

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Edu Falaschi and Andre Santos

Edu and Andre santos

For the "Dia Mundial Do Rock" ( celebration 's day of rock) on July 11, the paper "O Lance" (Brazilian paper) have made a meeting between Edu Falaschi (Almah, Angra) and the footballer Andre Santos. After a relaxed interview, Edu and Andre Santos have improvised the Timon's hymn in duet (Andre Santos 's team, Sao Paulo).

Here the link to see the interview (in portuguese) and to read article (in portuguese too)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Edu Falaschi at " Dia Mundial Do Rock"

Here the Edu's set-list at " Dia Mundial Do Rock" in Curirtiba (Brazil) :

  • King (Almah)
  • Flight Of Icarus (Iron Maiden)
  • Symphony Of Destruction (Megadeth)
  • The Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden)
  • 2 Minutes to Midnight (Iron Maiden)
  • The Show Must Go On (Queen)

And two videos (sorry for the sound...), "Symphony Of Destruction" (Megadeth)

et "The Number Of the Beast" (Iron Maiden) with the band Monsterjam :

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Edu Falaschi : "Dia Mundial Do Rock"

Edu Falaschi will take part tomorrow at "Dia Mundial Do Rock" with the band Monsterjam and the guitarist Gustavo Guerra , in Curitiba (Brazil). Edu will play songs of bands have impacted his career like Iron Maiden, Quenn, among others surprises for his audience !

For more news : MS Metal Press Official Website

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Almah : Anime-Friends 2008"

Almah is confirmed at "Anime-friends 2008" , on July 16 ("Anime-Friends" is a great event which bring together lots of activities about Manga's japanese culture).

The band has already played at "Anime-Friends 2007" ahead many thousands fans !

For more news : Anime-Friends Official Website

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Paulo Schroeber : Blog Myspace

Paulo Schroeber tells us on his blog the guitars recording for the new Almah's album.

He explains that Marcelo Barbosa and itself have been free to compose the solo, all composed live in the studio.

Paulo names material he has used for the recording : for rhythm sections a jump1 and a Mesa Boogie Strategy 500 and for the solo a 5150 Peavey (see the pics).

He has used a pedal boost too, the Fat Boost Fulltone.

For the rhythm guitars , Paulo has played with a 7 strings Carvin, with 0,13 strings ! (they are crazy !)

Paulo explains that " this work is one of the best that I have already done, without doubt" !

For more news : Paulo Schrober Official Myspace

Monday, July 7, 2008

Almah : Fragile Equality

Here the cover of "Fragile Equality", new Almah's album which will be released in september and will be produced by Edu and felipe.

The design is signed by Gustavo Sazes (Abstrait Art & ; Design) who has released album covers for Manowar, Kamelot, Firewind and many others.

For more news : MS Metal Press Official Website

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Almah Piaui Pop 2008

Here some Almah's pics at Piaui Pop and the set-list :

Angra's songs (all composed by Edu)

  • The Course Of Nature
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Heroes Of Sand
  • Nova Era
  • Spread Your Fire
Almah's fisrt album songs :

  • Forgotten Land
  • Children Of Lies
  • King
  • Scary Zone

New Album songs :

  • The band have played for the first timetwo songs of the new album (sorry, I don't have titles ...)

Cover :
  • Run To The Hills (Iron Maiden)

Edu have explained to the Piaui Pop 's audience (27 000 people ! ) , the differences between Angra and Almah's music which is more " direct, heavy, and simple to assimilate".

Fans have been won over !

Friday, July 4, 2008

Almah : Piaui Pop 2008

Almah will play at Piaui Pop (Teresina, Brazil) this evening for the pre- launching of his new album. The band will play two or three of his new compositions !

For more news : Piaui Pop official website

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Felipe Andreoli and Marcelo Moreira : Workshops Tour

Felipe Andreoli (bass) and Marcelo Moreira (drums) will perform workshops in many Brazilian states in July and August.

July 2008 :

05 - São Luis/MA - Workshop Marcelo Moreira and Felipe Andreoli
06 - Teresina/PI - Workshop Marcelo Moreira and Felipe Andreoli
08 - Fortaleza/CE - Workshop Marcelo Moreira and Felipe Andreoli
10 - Manaus/AM - Masterclass Marcelo Moreira
11 - Manaus/AM - Masterclass Felipe Andreoli
12 - Manaus/AM - Jam Marcelo Moreira, Felipe Andreoli, Marcelo Barbosa and local musicians

August 2008 :

03 - Telemaco Borba/PR - Workshop Marcelo Moreira and Felipe Andreoli
04 - Londrina/PR - Workshop Marcelo Moreira and Felipe Andreoli (not confirmed)
05 - Maringá/PR - Workshop Marcelo Moreira and Felipe Andreoli (not confirmed)
06 - Cascavel/PR - Workshop Marcelo Moreira and Felipe Andreoli

For more news : MS Metal Press official website

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Almah confirmed at "Porao Do Rock 2008"

Almah confirm his presence at "Porao Do Rock" on august 1 st and 2 in Brasilia (Brazil), for the tenth edition of the festival.

This international festival will put together the bands Papier Tigre (France), The Tandooris (Argentine), Kill Karma (Spain), SickCity (Germany) , Muse (England) et Suicidal Tendencies (USA) and the brazilian bands : Pitty, Autoramas, Matanza, Mundo Livre S.A., MQN , Amp , Black Drawing Chalks , Canastra ), Madame Satan , Maldita , Mukeka Di Rato , Nitrominds , Orgânica , Sawoya e Tom Bloch and of course ALMAH which will play on August 1st at 20h00 !

For more news : MS Metal Press official website and "Porao Do Rock" official website