Monday, August 31, 2009

Almah : trailer of the European Tour !

Here is the trailer of the Almah's European Tour, available on SolMusic Management official Myspace (Almah's manager)

The total tour dates will be published very soon.

For more news : SolMusic Management official Myspace

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Felipe Andreoli : new interview

Felipe Andreoli gave an interview to the webmaster of his French official website !

Felipe speaks about Almah, Angra, and his future projects among others!

To read Felipe's interview (in English), please visit his French official website !

Thank you Steven for the interview ;)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa : Guitarosofia n° 3 !

Here is the third issue of "Guitarosofia", guitar lessons videos conducted by Marcelo Barbosa :

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa Official Blog / Marcelogtr Youtube Channel

Friday, August 28, 2009

Almah European Fan-Club competition !

To celebrate the creation of the Almah's official European Fan Club, Almah France invites you to take part in a competition, where you can win one year of free subscription to the fan-club!

To do this, you have to answer the following questions and send us your answers to the following address: before the 10/01/09!

The winner will be the first to have sent the good answers and will be notified by e-mail!

1. Who did the artwork of the Fragile Equality's cover?

2. What 's the name of the Brazilian studio where was recorded Fragile Equality?

3. What song of Fragile Equality was chosen to shot the first clip of the band ?

4. What song of Fragile Equality was broadcasted in first on the Almah's official Myspace?

You can find the answers to these questions on our official website or on the blog ! Good luck!

I remind to registered members of the Fan-Club they can also take part in this competition to win the album "Fragile Equality" and stickers of the band!

To participate, visit Almah European Fan Club !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Felipe Andreoli interviewed by Japanese fans

Here is the interview of Felipe Andreoli made by Japanese fans incollaboration with Almah France and Almah Japan !

"Wolf : I hear that all ALMAH members can speak English. I wonder what the original motive was for learning. I didn't like English at school and gave up. After becoming interested in foreign music.I really regret my lack of ability. What do you think of the secret of learning a foreign language is?

Felipe : I started learning English in school. I studied at an Irish school in Rio De Janeiro called St. Patrick's, and they had a really good English program for kids. Later on, with my growing nterest for Rock and Metal, I practiced the lyrics and tried to find out the meaning of the words I didn't
know. I do a lot of reading in English, too, and I always try to watch movies in their original language. I enjoy it, and I think this is the biggest secret when learning a foreign language - you have to like it!*

Mack : I attended a guitar and bass workshop you gave in Japan. I was surprised and impressed at your great playing ability. I think you could release a solo album like Billy Sheehan,
Do you have any plan to do so?

Felipe : Thanks for your kind words! I have been planning a solo record for quite a while, but I'm involved in so many projects that it's been hard to find the time. I know I must dedicate myself entirely to a project such as this, so whenever I have the time, I'll do it, for sure.

Mack: Could you tell me which Five bassist you think are the best in the world? And Which of their album do you recommend?

Felipe : I can recommend these, but there are many, many others you should know:

*Victor Wooten: A Show Of Hands (solo)

*Michael Manring: Thonk (solo)

*Jaco Pastorius: Jaco (solo), Heavy Weather (Weather Report)

*Richard Bona: Munia - The Tale (solo), These Times (Mike Stern)

*Alain Caron: Play (solo)

Mack :Do you have any special music that you listen to before a concert to get you in the mood?

Felipe : Usually I listen to my iPod in shuffle mode while I'm in the shower before the concert. Whatever comes serves as an inspiration!

Mack : Outside the field of music , do you have any special skill or hobbies?

Felipe : My latest favorite activity is to photograph. I just bought a very nice Japanese camera! Besides that I like tennis and racing karts.

Mack : Whose idea was it that fans should design the cover of the next ALMAH single "All I Am". Why did you have such an idea?

Felipe : This idea came from our Brazilian fan club. I think it's very nice to discover new talents and give them a chance to show their works. We have many great artist waiting for a chance to promote their creations.

Mack : Which artists would you like to work together with the future?

Felipe : I'd like to have the chance to work with all the musicians I admire, specially drummers Mike Mangini, Virgil Donati and Simon Phillips, guitarists Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Greg Howe and Brett Garsed, keyboardists Jordan Rudess and Keith Emerson, and singers Russell Allen, Mats Leven and Jorn Lande.

Mack : Did all five members contribute to the arrangement of the second album?

Felipe : Yes, we all contributed to the arrangements and compositions, and the final result you hear is the sum of all five minds working together!

Chika : I'm interested in your life style. What kind of foods do you usually eat? What kind of foods you recommend? What kind of food do you never eat?.

Felipe : What I eat and recommend: Italian food (specially Penne with Pestosauce), Japanese food (love Sushi!), Arabian food (grape leaves rolls and Humus) and Tex-Mex. I never eat raw squid!!!"

Thanks to Almah Japan for the interview !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Almah : headliner of independent rock Festival in Santos !

MS Metal Press official note :

""Independance or .... Rock"! If Dom Perdo I was alive, this would be of course the battle cry of the festival, which will be the big attraction of the next long week end in Santos. The event will feature 11 bands, during 18 hours, three days od rock'n'roll. Almah, Matanza and Lipstick will be the headliners of the festival, which will take place on 6, 7 and 8 of Septemebr in Santos.

On day 6, Edu Falaschi, Angra's singer, will show for the first time in the city, his new band called Almah. Accompanied by the musicians Felipe Andreoli (Bass, Angra), Marcelo Barbosa (guitar), Paulo Schroeber (guitar) and Marcelo Moreira (Drums), the quintet has in his songbook the best compositions from his two albums, Almah and Fragile Equality, and various Angra's standartds written by the singer."

Pour plus d'infos : MS Metal Press / Almah France

Monday, August 24, 2009

Paulo Schroeber interviewed by French Fans !

Here is an interview of Paulo Schroeber made by French fans for Almah France and Almah Japan :

"Almah France : Hi Paulo ! Could you introduce yourself for French and Japanese public, please ?

Paulo : I'm Paulo Schroeber, I was born in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on August 18 th, 1973, I love tattooing, playing guitar and above all live and breathe music.

Almah France : When did you start to learn to play guitar ?

Paulo : I started playing when I was 15 years old, so I play for 20 years now.

Almah France : Could you say more about your solo album ? Have you already record it ? When your album will be released ? And where , only in Brazil or in the rest of the world ?

Paulo : For sure ! My album is being recorded right now, and I'll get the mix on August, to be ready early September I think. On this album, I explore some other ideas, because beside Heavy Metal, I love other sounds like rock and fusion. The sale will be in principle only available on my Myspace page : / pauloschroeber

Almah France : What did you learn with Almah (in studio, on stage) ?

Paulo : I had already some studio and live background but it was cool because I had never played in a big band like Almah and receptivity of fans made me very happy.

Lupi Blue :What kind of strings do you use ?

Paulo : I use Elixir 0.10 strings.

Frogfingers : Have you got a particular training before starting to play guitar ?

Paulo : I do some coordination exercices in order to warm up and also play some licks before the shows.

Frogfingers : When did you start to feel free on your instrument, with a good musical vocabulary ? (How many years after beginning practice ?)

Paulo : I'm still trying to reach a good vocabulary !! Huahuahua ... I think with 5 years of practice a person could have more freedom with the instrument, but as music has many languages, this question is very hard to answer with precision.

Shred 666 : What are your main influences and your favorit bands or musicians ?

Paulo : With any doubt Tony Iommi, Jason Becker, Dimebag Darrel e Andrés Segovia.

Metallaw : Hi Paulo ! I’d like to know what do you think about guitar schools like Berkley ? Do you think it’s the only way to learn to play ?How did you learn to play ? in a music school ?

Paulo : I think they are great schools, but nowadays with easy access to information on internet, you can play very well without going at school, without problems. I personally learned to play alone, I never had a guitar teacher, except for classical guitar.

Metallaw : Do you listen a lot of music ? What are you listening besides metal ?

Paulo : I love Andres Segovia, Bach, Allan Holdsworth, Jason Becker, Greg Howe, Scott Henderson and some bands like Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, etc. ...

Pimousse : Hi Paulo ! I’d like to know if you have hobbies besides music ?

Paulo : I like hang out and have a drink with my friends, that's surely my biggest hobby, but I also like to see some movies and read some books.

Pimousse : About the Fragile Equality Tour : have you got some anecdotes to tell us?

Paulo : Hahaha ... was it worse than quiet, it was very cool in Natal, where we made a suicidal ride on Buggy, and in Salvador, where I and Marcelo Moreira took all the beers at the local pub!"

Thanks a lot to Paulo Schroeber for the interview !
The whole Almah France team takes this opportunity to wish him a very happy birthday (with a few days late ...)

For more news : Paulo Schroeber official Myspace

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Almah on SolMusic Management Myspace

The Almah's management, SolMusic Management, offers each day a different Fragile Equality's review on his Myspace blog, to prepare for the European tour of the band!

Tiziana Hurd : "
ALMAH SOON WILL BE TOURING IN EUROPE! ***Previous of that, I will be adding everyday a FRAGILE EQUALITY CD REVIEW ....*** Its the just way to know ABOUT THIS AMAZING BRAZILIAN BAND and then I'm sure you will not miss the tour !"

SolMusic Management Inc Canada, Tiziana Hurd, Président,Almah's Manager.

Pour plus d'infos : SolMusic Management Myspace Officiel

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almah on Last FM !

Join the Almah's official radion on Last FM !

News, concert dates, videos and of course songs of the band are available on : !

For more news : Last FM Almah

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Launch of the Almah's European Fan-Club !

Launch of the Almah's European Fan-Club !

Come and register yourself now on Almah's European Fan-Club website :

The fan club offers exclusive material about the band : singles, demos, pics, wallpapers, screen savers, tablatures, ringtones and soon the webzine!

The fan club is also a community with a forum and a chat-box!

The Almah's European Fan-Club is available in French but also in English !

We are waiting for you on :

"It’s up to you, Almah’s Fans, to give life to this fan-club all around the world ! Spread the word, help us to grow up and support this band of awesome musicians, who put all their energy, their heart and soul in their amazing music !"

The Almah france Webmaster.

For more news : Almah France Fan-Club

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa : interview Hard Blast part. 2

As promised, here is the end of the interview with Marcelo Barbosa for Hard Blast by Malia Kaarina:

** Read the first part

** Read the whole interview on Hard Blast : English / Portuguese

"Maila: Having so much to do can you still find time for hobbies and fun? What do you like to do in your free time?

Marcelo: I have to find it, right? It´s part of our lives! I love working on music so I usually have fun while working but I also love cinema so I´m always looking for a good film to watch. I like reading but this is something I do more during trips or while waiting for something. And the last thing, but not less important, physical activities. I´ve been practicing Taekowndo for over 15 years an nowadays I´ve been into a running training program. My idea is to run a half marathon, for example, and maybe, a full marathon someday, who knows? I´m also interested in wine so I´m attending a course to learn more about the subject.

Maila: When it´s time to listen to music, what´s in your i-pod?

Marcelo: My I-pod selection is crazy! You can find nearly everything there. I like progressive rock a lot so there is always Rush, Yes, Dream Theater and so on. I like rock from the 70´s as Led, Deep Purple, Hendrix, Aerosmith and from the 80´s and 90´s Van Halen, Queen, Nine Inch Nails for example. All these among rock stuff but I also listen to a lot of fusion, jazz and other types of instrumental music. Nowadays I´ve been into a band called Jellyfish, a kind of pop/rock very well done which sounds like a mixing of Beatles and Supertramp but full of personality. It´s not a new band but I found them out this year by a friend´s suggestion. There is also “All the Right Reasons from Nickelback which besides great songs has an amazing and awesome guitar sound. And also Metallica´s Death Magnetic.

Maila: If you had the power to change anything in relation to music business, which would your first attitude be and why?

Marcelo: I would implement mandatory music teaching in all schools of the world. I think people who understand and know music get much more sensitive, more intelligent. Even Nietzsche said: “Without music life would be a mistake.” I believe all ways of artistic expression are worth, well, I don´t mean to defend a specific position here, but there wouldn´t be dance without music. I know many painters paint listening to their favorite composers to be inspired, it´s common to listen the same kind of report coming from writers. There are several studies saying that children who had listened to classical music while they were babies are usually good at Math and all exact sciences. (all those who have studied musical theory know, coincidence or not, that music and math are deeply connected).

Maila: Which musician would be a dream for you to meet?

Marcelo: I´ve never had the dream of meeting any big musician. I´ve never thought of it. I admire the work itself much more than the person. I´ve had the opportunity to meet and talk a little with many of the musicians I admire. However I think it would be great to talk to Neil Peart from Rush.

Maila: What would you ask him?

Marcelo: Well, since it´s a dream, could I watch a Rush´s concert sitting next to your drums?

Maila: What are the 5 main and necessary steps for those who intend to be guitarists like you?

Marcelo: I´ve never thought about it this way but let´s see what I can do. Well, first you´ve gotta know about music, learn how to listen to music and research the references. Second: study to learn. It can be done through a teacher, a good school or even by yourself if you think it´s better. Everyone must choose what´s the best way. Third: play with other people. It means nothing if you play very well but only to you bedroom´s wall. The relationship with other musicians in different musical environments is essential to anybody´s development. Fourth: be professional. It isn´t because you decided to work with arts that you are not a regular professional. You must see your career as a real job and make it as important as one. Last thing, never stop researching and studying. A professional who doesn´t go for constant improvement loses the chance of creating something new and innovative. Nobody is too good to stop learning.

Maila: A message to the readers, please.

Marcelo: Never give up on your goals even when they look impossible to achieve. Dreaming is part of living and it´s fuel to the soul. Who spends all the time with both feet on the ground loses the magnitude of flying. Don´t dream too much, though, work hard to achieve your dreams. Only dreaming won´t bring you anything and nobody will work for you.

I think that´s it...
Hugs to all!"

For more news : Hard Blast

Monday, August 17, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa : interview on Hard Blast

Here is the first part of Marcelo Barbosa's interview Hard Blast by Maila-Kaarina.
To watch all Marcelo Barbosa's links and pics and read the whole interview go on Hard Blast ! (the interview is also availbale in Portuguese !).

"Marcelo Barbosa plays the guitar in two great bands from Brazil, the power metal ALMAH, from Edu Falaschi (Angra singer) and the prog metal KHALLICE. He is one the most worthy Brazilian musicians at the moment and besides being an awesome artist he´s also an entrepreneur businessman. Founder of GTR, music school which methodology was developed by Marcelo himself, the school has been growing up fast and nowadays it´s a franchising with already 3 branches and a lot of spreading possibilities. In his impeccable resumee you will find a scholarship at the Berklee College Of Music, for which he was selected among 400 applicants from all over the world, and “teachers” like Greg Howe.

Workaholic, besides his bands he also plays for a cover music project, he´s working on an instrumental solo album, the production of a series of guitar DVDS (you can see the two first episodes here) and several teaching projects. Nevertheless he´s able to find time to practice Taekowdo and running (Yes! He intends to run marathons...), a course to learn more about wines and to go to the movies.

Of course after meeting a musician with such personality and history, he wouldn´t be out of Hard Blast.
I hope you enjoy the interview and promote Marcelo Barbosa´s work.
Stay Rock!

Maila-Kaarina: Who reads your biography get surely impressed by the number of activities you dedicate yourself into. You´ve got 3 bands, an instrumental project and a music school. How do you handle so many things at the same time without conflicts?

Marcelo Barbosa: Well, I think I might be hyper-active or something like this... hehe. And parallel to the projects you´ve mentioned I also dedicate myself to several teaching projects. I´ve been recording some videos for the Youtube which will be part of a DVD. It´s a series called “Guitarosofia” (something like “Guitarsophy”) and 2 videos are already available through Of course there are moments in which conflicts happen but we must know how to handle and control the situation. I like everything I do and it would be painful to me giving up on anything. I know someday it might happen but while it doesn´t, I carry them out the best I can.

Maila: Well, besides workaholic you might be extremely organized, am I right?

Marcelo: For some things I am but for others I´m a complete disaster. It´s difficult for me to accomplish deadlines and this is why I developed the habit of asking for longer ones. I try to keep things organized but I do so many things that if I start to worry about it all the time I will get crazy. The truth is that even when there is an apparently mess I´ve got my own method. Many times if someone cleans up my desk I get completely lost and can´t find anything I need. Everyone knows they shouldn´t touch anything. In which concerns to art I believe many good ideas are born from chaos. In moments of deep lack of balance and disorganization a lot of good stuff can be produced. You only have to be clever enough to take advantage on the situation.

Maila: Among all your bands, Almah, a project started by Edu Falaschi (Angra), is the one we most see in the media. Is it your priority?

Marcelo: Nowadays it is. We all invested a lot of time and energy on this project and due to the fact that Edu and Felipe Andreoli play in the band we got good space in the scene very fast. This is something we cannot ignore. No one should grow oranges during apples season. But it doesn´t mean I stopped my other projects. I just had to re-adapt my life to this new reality.

Maila: Except by Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli, who live in São Paulo, all the other members of Almah, including you, live in different states. How difficult is it to keep the synergy living far from each other?

Marcelo: Thank God we´ve got a good relationship! Of course in any group, being or not a music one, there is always someone you feel more connected to. I´m always in touch with Edu and talk a lot to Felipe. I like Paulo (Paulo Schroeber, guitar) and Moreira (Marcelo Moreira, drums) a lot but sometimes we spend quite a long time not in touch since we live very far from each other and our lives are very different also. Even so, whenever we are together we have a great time and a lot of fun. In Almah we´ve got excellent chemistry and synergy. This is great and I hope it keeps up for a long time.

Maila: As we´re talking about synergy, one of Almah´s highest qualities is the connection between you and the other guitarist, Paulo Schroeber. We don´t see a single solo guitarist in the band, everything is shared between you guys and it fits perfectly. This connection is not common in power and melodic metal bands. Was this connection something natural or it was already part of the project and you had to search for it technically and mechanically?

Marcelo: Even though it was a premise in the project, this connection happened naturally, Paulo is not only a great guitarist but also a great guy, very calm and we admire and respect each other a lot. It made everything easier when we had to share our duties. It´s interesting to tell that Even though we met each other just a little before recording the CD, we were able to define a music and guitar language which is really interesting in our work with Almah.

Maila: I read on your website that you intend to release a full length instrumental album this year. Will it really happen? Who will participate?

Marcelo: This is the idea but as you said, there are many projects... I´ve been making music little by little and my intention at the beginning is to register it here in my city, Brasilia. I haven´t defined who will participate yet. I´d rather have all songs ready and then choose it according to the CD profile who will be playing the songs.

Maila: What about your other bands, Khallice and Zero 10? Anything going on now? Concerts, recording, composing...

Marcelo: Zero10 is a project of friends who like to play and gather to do it. Although it´s a cover band among all my stuff this is the one I play more gigs with. We play every week along the year at least once. Depending on the season we might have three or four gigs in a week. We actually recorded a copyrighted album a few years ago but at the end we decided to focus on the cover band style since each one of us had other bands with copyrighted material going on. It´s great fun and a very good complement in our budgets. Khallice is a prog metal band with a full length album, and EP and several compilations recorded. We got a very good space in the local and the national scene playing at big festivals in many different cities around Brazil. We´ve been working to finish our second CD that might be ready soon, probably this semester. We´ve been also preparing a concert in which we play one hour of our own stuff and then the entire “Images and Words” from Dream Theater. It´s great fun for us since we all loved this CD when we were teenagers.

Maila: Besides the bands you are a businessman also and manages your own music school, GTR, which nowadays is a reference in Brazil in guitar teaching. You yourself developed the methodology and the school is now a franchising with 3 branches in Distrito Federal. Do you intend to expand to other cities and states? Are there proposals and projects on?

Marcelo: Yes. There is always someone asking information about how to open a GTR in other cities and states. At the moment there is a negotiation going on with a very big city but I´d rather not tell anything before it´s done. The main idea is to take a very serious and personalized music teaching method, with over the average quality, wherever there is someone willing to learn how to play an instrument."

Stay tuned for more ;)

For more news : Hard Blast

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa : "Guitarosofia"

Officiel note from Marcelo Barbosa :

"Marcelo Barbosa launches series of lessons on Youtube

Marcelo Barbosa has just made availiable on Youtube the first videos of GUITAROSOFIA series. This series consists of short videos, where the guitarist through an informal chat, speaks about different aspects of playing guitar, musical theory, composition, improvisation among other .The material is professional quality and is produced by Guitar Institute GTR and supported by Tagima, Elixir, Orange, NIG, IBOX and St Angelo.

" I have great love and interest in teaching music, especialy guitar and this is one way I found to help those interested in learning more about the six strings world. It's a pleasure to share a little some of what I learned during more than 20 years of research devoted to this instrument "says the musician.

These videos are available on the Youtube channel of the guitarist and also on GTR Youtube Channel. Sign-up on these channels to receive informations about future updates."

Here are the firsts videos available :

* Guitarosofia 1

* Guitarosofia 2

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa official blog / Marcelo Barbosa official Youtube channel / GTR official Youtube channel

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa : about the two last Almah's concerts

Here is an English translation of Marcelo Barbosa's post (Marcelo Barbosa Official Blog) about the two last Almah's concerts (Manifesto bar / Ourinhos).

The translation was made by Irina Ivanona from Marcelo Barbosa Official English Blog.

Thanks a lot Irina !

Marcelo barbosa : "As some people already know, at the end of this week we did two shows after a few months without playing: one in the capital of São Paulo and another in Ourinhos, some city in the same state. As usual, I’m here to tell you my end-of-the-week story.

Although the first show had to happen on Friday, 31th of July, we decided to meet in SP one day before, on Thursday to do at least one rehearsal after such a long time we haven't played this difficult stuff together. Felipe was going to arrive on Friday, but it made sense to do some small rehearsal even without him.

I departed from Brasília on 4 p.m. on 30th and landed in SP on 5-40 p.m. or something like this. I used the flight time to start reading the bestseller “Cabana”. In the beginning it was good but in my opinion it started to get boring yet before the middle. (I really don’t know if I have patience to read it till the end!). When I arrived to the destination, my band mates Edu, Paulo and Moreira were already waiting for me at the airport to go to the rehearsal room, where we would work from 8 p.m. till 11 p.m. Since it was too early, we went to eat some pizza right in the airport, because otherwise we should have stayed without eating till 11 p.m.

When I stay in São Paulo it always surprises me how Edu always looks at the watch worrying if we have enough time to arrive to a certain place, even if we have 1,5 or 2h in reserve! On 18:30 or something like this we entered Edu’s car with all our bags and equipment. Edu forgot to take out the baby’s seat and it made the process more emotional: we were tightly placed there. And it’s clear that we got into heavy traffic and arrived at the studio a bit later than 20:00.
The rehearsal was going very well and although we hadn’t played together for a long time, all sounded much better than expected. I believe, the great number of shows we had played before this pause helped us a lot to stay in a good shape. From there we went to a hotel, left there our bags and equipment before going for dinner. And once again we ate in Sujinho, traditional São Paulo chain with different restaurants all around the city. Time flew by in eating and talking a lot and we could fall asleep only after 2 a.m.

On the next day after a walk and a breakfast on Av. Paulista we returned to the hotel to have a small rest until 6 p.m. when we had to go to Manifesto to do our soundcheck. I always wonder why we never come back to hotel and have to stay right at the venue till show-time, even if the show should start only at 2 a.m., like in this case! For sure, the soundckeck started only at 8 p.m. (when the soundcheck begins in time, it means that there’s Santa Claus who is working at the sound desk and Chip and Dale work as a roadie and a light engineer). Thanks God, we did it fast and closer to 9 p.m. we were already free. And what could we do to until 2 a.m.? For sure, to have a dinner was a great idea! Local people advised us some good shopping center located not far from there. I wanted to catch some cinema in between the dinner and the show, but couldn’t due to the schedule, so we came back to Manifesto (but only after going to drink a coffee with Felipe).

The show began after 2 a.m. and was very good. The venue was full and people were true and excited. It could have never been better. It’s very pleasant to look at the audience and recognize some faces of people who always visit our shows since the very beginning and some of them have already become our friends. I believe this is one of the best parts of our work (besides the opportunity to play with friends). To get to know new great people, new places, to find new friends… After the show finished at 4 a.m. we went to a bar to meet the fans, to make photographs, to do autographs and to talk with some friends. We returned to the hotel almost at 6 a.m. and although Paulo and Moreira wanted me to go to eat with them, I preferred to walk alone to the hotel to sleep for about 40 minutes. I had already learnt that our manager Vera would pick us up on eight to go to Ourinhos.

As soon as I put my head on the pillow, the time to go downstairs with the luggage came. From hotel – to Edu’s house where we drank some coffee and went to the place of our appointment with the crew of Rafael Bittencourt, since our show in Ourinhos was arranged for both bands. We were able to leave SP a little bit after eleven, I think so, and very soon I already fell asleep. But I awoke every hour because it was not so easy to put a 1,87m person like me comfortably in any seat of such a microbus like we were traveling in.

We arrived to Ourinhos almost at 6 p.m. Soundcheck was scheduled for six :lol: … Ok, happily, the crew of Bittencourt Project had come earlier to set the equipment. Soundcheck between six and nine and a dinner in some Argentinian restaurant not far from the venue. Great food and nice atmosphere. We returned to the hotel closer to 11. Chat, shower, bed with a book and alarm clock on the telephone rings. Show time!

The venue wasn’t really full. The local promoter told us that people have fear of crowds because of swine flu and he heard that many of them didn’t come due to that reason. Despite that, people who came really enjoyed the show. It’s great to feel the audience trembling with every song. I would have liked to see the show of Rafael, but unfortunately I was very tired after the previous night and this kept me from arriving to the venue earlier when we had to go to the stage ourselves.

The show finished, photos, autographs, chats, waiting for the roadies and we went to the hotel after 5 a.m. while our departure to SP was scheduled for six. How nice… My flight to Brasília was at the quarter past midday, thus I should have been at Guarulhos one hour earlier, 11-15. Coming into the bus, all of us fell asleep and the trip passed fast. We crossed the first SP precincts almost at eleven and Rafael was very kind to offer to bring me to Guarulhos airport, to another side of the city. During our way we had a great conversation about music, career, market, composition etc. I departed as planned, though with some small delay, and arrived in Brasília at 2-30 p.m. with some strange feeling that nothing had happened and I was still at the airport, taking the flight to SP... :lol:

Thanks to all who shared these shows with us and helped this trip. I hope to give you some great news soon!"

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa Official Blog / Marcelo barbosa English Official Blog

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Almah : review of the concert at Manifesto Bar on Whiplash

Here in an English translation of the review of the Almah's show at Manifesto bar in Sao Paulo on last 31th July, published on Whiplash by Monica Fontes :

Almah Line-up :

Edu Falaschi – voice
Paulo Schroeber – Guitar
Marcelo Barbosa – Guitar
Felipe Andreoli – Bass
Marcelo Moreira – Drum

Set List :

Birds Of Prey
Take Back Your Spell
Children Of Lies
Bleeding Heart
Magic Flame
Fragile Equality
Beyond Tomorrow
All I Am
Scary Zone
Nova Era
You’ll Understand

"Taking advantage of the break in the Angra and Sepultura's tour, the singer Edu Falaschi has scheduled some concerts with Almah in order to continue the promotion of the second album of the band "Fragile Equality". This time, the opening was for the band Illustria, Tito Falaschi's band, who recently released his debut EP "Demons Of War".

The concert hall was almost full when Illustria began his show with the eponymous song of their first album.

Then, Almah goes on stage and starts his show with "Birds Of prey", first track from the album "Fragile Equality", followed by songs from the first album, like "Take Back Your Spell" and "Children Of Lies". Almah grows up throughout his career and gains a larger audience by his musical identity.The quality of the band live is unquestionable and the relationship between the two guitarists Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Barbosa is always a show apart. The show goes on and Edu Falaschi also appreciates the presence of Mario Pastore. One of the highlights of the evening was the performance of "All I Am", one of the favorite ballads of the public which was also lauched in acoustic version. "Beyond Tomorrow", one of the strongest tracks of the second CD, is much applauded and it was a great idea from the band to select it to make a video clip. Curiously, Almah has played only two songs from Angra "Bleeding Heart" and "Nova Era", which shows a certain independance of Edu falaschi and proof that the band has made his own way. The band ends with "You'll Understand", one of the best tracks from "Fragile Equality", and the first to be released at the lauch of the album.

Recently, the band said that he is already working on the composition of a new album to be lauched in 2010. Good news from one of the most promising bands of the Brazilian metal scene."

Monica Fontes.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almah : pics of the concert in Ourinhos

Here is a pics gallery of the Almah's show in Ourinhos on last August 1st.

To watch all the Almah's pics (in real size), go on Mitsuo's gallery !