Monday, October 31, 2011

Almah : release party (São Paulo, Manifesto Rock Bar) 29/10/2011 : set-list and pics

Check out set-list and pics of Almah's Motion release party at Manifesto Bar in São Paulo (Brazil) on past October 29 !

** Set-list :

- Hypnotized
- Beyond Tomorrow
- Children Of Lies
- Bullets On The Altar
- Zombies Dictator
- Fragile Equality
- Late Night in 85'
- You'll Understand
- Breathe
- Days Of The New
- Birds of Prey
- When And Why
- Living And Drifting
- King
- Trace Of Trait
- Torn

** Pics by Julio on Facebook :

** Pics by luskarock on Flickr :

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Almah : show in Campinas (Brazil)

Almah continues his Motion Tour 2011 and plays today at Sebastian Bar in Campinas / SP (Brazil) from 8h00 pm (Brazilian time) !

Here are the other dates of the first part of Motion Tour 2011 confirmed :

-05/11/11 : Show Almah, Aldeia Bar, Jundiaí / SP (Brazil)
-06/11/11 : Show Almah (Dia Do Metal), Carioca Club, São Paulo / SP (Brazil)
-11/11/11 : Show Almah + Sepultura, BH Music Hall, Belo Horizonte / MG (Brazil)
-12/11/11 : Show Almah + Sepultura, Sambódromo Da Cidade, Bebedouro / SP (Brazil)
-17/12/11 : Show Almah, D'Vinci Bar, Piracicaba / SP (Brazil)

For more news :

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Almah : launching show of "Motion" in São Paulo (Brazil)

Almah plays today at Manifesto Bar in São Paulo (Brazil) from 10h00 pm (Brazilian time) for a special show to celebrate the launching of his third studio album "Motion" !

According to Edu Falaschi, the band prepared a special show with music from "Motion" never played before (source : Edu Falaschi Official Twitter) !

For more news : Manifesto Bar / TicketBrasil

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Marcelo Barbosa : Living and Drifting's Duet / Bullets On The Altar solo (videos)

Marcelo Barbosa offers two videos from new Almah's album "Motion" : "Living And Drifting" 's duet and "Bullets On The Altar" solo ! Enjoy ;)

** Living And Drifting's Duet :

** Bullets On The Altar solo :

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa Official Youtube

Marcelo Barbosa / Almah : in November’s issue of Young Guitar magazine (Japan)

Marcelo Barbosa and Almah : double page in November’s issue of famous Japanese Young Guitar magazine !

For more news : Almah Official Website / Marcelo Barbosa Official Blog

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Almah : 2nd video from the new album "Motion"

Check out new Almah's video clip, “Late Night in 85'″, taken from the new album "Motion" !

The video was filmed at the end of August in Caxias do Sul (Brazil) by director Alex Milesi together with the first video, "Trace of Trait".

For more news : Almah Official Youtube