Saturday, October 31, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa : Guitarosofia n° 10

Here is the 10th issue of Guitarosofia : Lick with tapping in harmonic minor scale of A.

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa Youtube Official Channel

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Almah France Blog : playlist of the month

Here is the new playlist of the month :

  • All I Am (Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008)
  • Meaningless World (Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008)
  • Box Of Illusion (Almah, Almah, 2006)
  • Supermind, bonus track (Almah, Almah, 2006)
Enjoy ;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Felipe Andreoli : workshow in Salto

Felipe Andreoli (Almah/Angra) will give a worshow tomorrow, October 27, in Salto/SP (Brazil) from 21:00 (Brazilian time) with Fernando Quesada, bassist of the band Shaman ! Thiago Bianchi (Shaman's singer) will be there as special guest !

For more news : Flogao Almah / Fernando Quesada Official Myspace

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa : Guitarosofia n° 9

Here is the 9th issue of Guitarosofia. Marcelo Barbosa presents some arpeggios and triads licks using two fingers right hand tapping.

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa Official Youtube Channel

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Felipe Andreoli endorsed by Epifani and Condor companies

Felipe is the newest artist to be endorsed by the world renowned amp manufacturer Epifani, and also the first in South America! Founded by Nick Epifani and based in Brooklyn, NY, Epifani is best known by the famous UL (Ultra Light) series cabinets, which deliver maximum power and tone with minimum weight. Epifani is played by some of the greatest bassists in the world, like Anthony Jackson, Matthew Garrison, Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones) and Lincoln Goines.

Felipe's rig will consist of the UL 902C head and two UL2 410 cabinets for big concerts, and the Piccolo 600 head and a UL2 210 for clinics and smaller gigs.

Another awesome addition to Felipe's equipment are the Condor bags, manufactured by iGig. "These are the most sturdy, well built and good looking bags I've ever come across! Then you might think 'well, what's so exciting about a bag!?' Check it out for yourself then..."

For more news : Felipe Andreoli Blog Official Myspace / Felipe Andreoli Official Blog

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Almah Otacon 2009 : first pics

Here are the first pics of the Almah's show in Brasilia on last October 18 at Otacon 2009.

These pics are from the gallery of Rang3l-scofiled on Orkut :

Monday, October 19, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa : Guitarosofia n° 8

Here is the latest issue of Guitarosofia with some exercises for the left hand, to develop coordination and independence of the fingers!

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa Official Youtube Channel

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Almah : Otacon 2009

Almah plays today at UNIP in Brasilia (Brazil) from 16:30 (Brazilian time) as headliner of the Otacon 2009 !

The band will share the stage with the band J-Rock Gaijin Sentai !

For more news : Otacon Official website/ MS Metal Press

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Edu Falaschi : Workshop of vocal technique

Edu Falaschi takes part today in a workshop of vocale technique applied to rock in the city of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis (Brazil) from 15:00 (Brazilian Time).

The singer will play some songs from the two Almah's studio albums, and also some Angra's songs and themes of the the Manga "Knights of the Zodiac".

For more news : Edu falaschi Official Myspace / MS Metal Press

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Edu Falaschi : workshop in Florianópolis

Edu Falaschi (Almah/Angra) will take part in a workshop of vocal technique with Ariel Coelho on October 17 at 15:00 (Brazilian time) in Florianópolis / SC (Brazil).

For more news : Flogao Angra / Ariel Coelho Official Website

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Almah European Fan-Club Newsletter

You are a lot to have subscribed to our Newsletter ! Thank you all !

However, many of you have forgotten to confirm their registration! Without this confirmation, you will not receive the newsletter!

When you have registered yourself, a confirmation e-mail has been sent you. To confirm your registration, simply click on the link sent in this mail.

If you have not received this email, or if you have other problems to register yourself, please contact us:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Almah : headliner at Otacon 2009

MS Metal Press official note :

"In the coming days, October 17 and 18 will take place the third edition of the biggest event of Japanese culture from Brasilia, the Otacon. At public request, Edu Falaschi takes part for the third time in the event, but this time with his band Almah in support of their second studio album, Fragile Equality. " We are very happy to see again the public from Brasilia. Especially me because I identify strongly with the Eastern culture and I'm very happy to take part in festivals connected to it. Fragile Equality Tour goes on and we will bring very soon more news about our third album", said the singer Edu Falaschi.

Almah will share the stage with the band J-Rock Gaijin Sentai at Octacon Super-Live, on Sunday, October 18th."

For more news : MS Metal Press / Blog E Osso ! Otacon 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Almah launches its Official Facebook

Almah / MS Metal Press official note :

"Brazilian prog power metal band ALMAH led by Angra's singer Edu Falaschi launches its official page in Facebook. The page presents for the users of this popular international social network a lot of information about the band such as news, interviews, reviews, photos, video collection from Youtube, discussion board, dates, links, other Almah sites updates and other features. The page is available in English and in Portuguese. Become a fan!"

For more news : Almah Official Facebook Page

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Edu Falaschi supports RAM institute

Photo : Marcelo Sellan

MS Metal Press official note :

"Edu Falaschi to support RAM Institute of Environment Re-education

Edu Falaschi has recently joined the circle of celebrities who support RAM Institute initiative regarding the environment protection. The problems of the environment occupy one of the top places in the list of so-called global problems and concern every country of the world including Brazil, one of the key territories in relation to the ecology with its Amazon forest, called “lungs of the world”.

RAM Institute of Environment Re-education (Instituto RAM de Reeducação Ambiental) is a non-profit organization created with a really ambitious but not impossible aim: to make people change their attitude to the environment problems, to convince them about their direct responsibility for the destruction of the environment where we live, to make them sure that we are able to improve a big part of this reality by changing our attitude to our normal every day activities. It may seem not such a big deal, but when it concerns the way of living, the word "to change" starts to get frightening.

The great advantage for the activities of RAM is to count on the support of renowned artists who join this battle led by RAM for the protection of the environment in Brazil. Thus, recently the Institute has got a support of one of the top names of Brazilian metal scene: EDU FALASCHI, the vocalist of Angra and Almah, a person who has always cared about social, political and civil life of his motherland, who is “hard” in his sound but “soft” in his heart. "

For more news : MS Metal Press / Edu falaschi Official Myspace / RAM Official Blog

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa : video Expomusic 2009

Here is a video of Marcelo Barbosa at Expomusic 2009 on last 24th September, with his Tagima Guitar and Orange Amps !

For more news : wiltoncampanha Youtube Channel

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fan-Club : novelties of the month !

This month Almah European Fan-Club invites you to work your tapping!

** The Fan-Club offers you two Almah's tappings, the first extract from "Beyond Tomorrow" and the second from "Torn" from the album Fragile Equality!

The download file contains a PDF file with some explanations and tabs, tablatures in Guitar-Pro format, and the two tappings in wave format!

** Following many fans requests, it is now possible to pay your fan-club subscription by cheque!
Indeed, many people don't want to use paypal and pay online by credit card.
The fan-club answers to your request !

** Finally, congratulations to Steven Lebras who won the first competition of the Fan-Club and will receive in the coming days his Fragile Equality CD and some stickers of the band!

Please join us on Almah European Official Fan Club !

See Ya soon ;)

The Almah European Fan-Club webmaster.