Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almah in Metallic Dawning compilation

Almah, with the song "Beyond Tomorrow" (Fragile Equality, AFM Records, 2008) is on the new compilation from AFM Records "Metallic Dawning", which will be released on July 23 !

Here is the official note from AFM Records :

"On July 23, the new Heavy/Power Metal compilation "Metallic Dawning" will be released. With 32 songs on 2 CDs and a playing time of more than 150 minutes this compilations offers "value for money". It will be available for special price and even include 3 unreleased tracks (Ross The Boss, Circle II Circle and Elvenking). The cover artwork has been created by Bulgarian artist Dimitar Nikolov. Take a look at the tracklist here:

CD 1:
01. U.D.O. - Black And White
02. MASTERPLAN - Time To Be King
03. HAMMERFALL - Any Means Necessary
04. NIGHTWISH - Master Passion Greed
05. ORDEN OGAN - All These Dark Years
06. AXXIS - Last Man On Earth
07. TRIOSPHERE - Driven
08. PRIMAL FEAR - Riding The Eagle
09. JON OLIVA`S PAIN - Death Rides A Black Horse
10. CRYSTAL VIPER - Stronghold: Under Siege
11. RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Reign Of Terror
12. ATHORN - Humanize The Demon
13. MANIMAL - The Life We Lived
14. JORN - Road Of The Cross
15. ALMAH - Beyond Tomorrow

CD 2:
01. SABATON - Ghost Division
02. ROSS THE BOSS - Dead Man´s Curve (unreleased track)
03. ELVENKING - The Cabal (unreleased track)
04. CIRCLE II CIRCLE - Consequence Of Power (unreleased track)
05. AXEL RUDI PELL - Devil Zone
06. STORMWARRIOR - Heading Northe
07. BRAINSTORM - Shiver
08. AT VANCE - Salvation Day
09. MOB RULES - Trial By Fire
10. HERMAN FRANK - Father Buries Son
11. MAGICA - Anywhere But Home
12. HEAVENLY - Ashen Paradise
13. NIGHTMARE - Legions Of The Rising Sun
14. SINNER - Crash & Burn
15. SAVAGE CIRCUS - Of Doom And Death
16. RAM - In Victory
17. ROB ROCK: Savior´s Call

For more news : AFM Records Official Website

Friday, June 25, 2010

Edu Falaschi in Soulspell Metal Opera act 2

The creator of the project Soulspell Metal Opera, Heleno Vale, announced on his Official Orkut community the participation of Angra and Almah's singer Edu Falaschi, in the next Soulspell Metal Opera album.

In the words of Heleno : "I'm very please to annouce a great achievement for me. Something I expected from the first album and is fulfilled now, two years later : I can finally say with certainty :

Edu Falaschi is in Soulspell Metal Opera

Needless to say how much I admire this guy, either as musician or as a person. Edu is a rare human being (like his brother Tito Falaschi) and an immensely talented musician. His songs for Soulspell are too many exciting. It's an honour for Soulspell to count with his participation".


The next two albums of the project were recorded at the same time and count with the participation of :


For more news : Whiplash / Soulspell Official website

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Almah, show in Goiânia : first pics

Here are the first pics of the show of Almah with the band Khallice at Bolshoi Pub in Goiânia / GO (Brazil) on past June 17.

These pics are taken from the gallery of Bolshoi Pub.

For more news : Bolshoi Pub

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Almah in the top of HMR

Almah with the songs "Torn" (Fragile Equality, 2008) and "Golden Empire" (Almah, 2006), is in the top 10 of the week and top 10 of the requests from the listeners of the past 30 days on HMR, Heavy Metal Radio (to watch the pic above in real size, click on it)

HMR, Heavy Metal Radio, is the largest heavy metal radio on the internet !

Congratulations Almah !

For more news : Heavy Metal Radio / Marcelo Barbosa Official Blog

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Almah : Marreco's Fest 2010, first pics

Here are the first pics of the Almah's show at Marreco's Fest in Brasília (Brazil) on last June 19.

These pics are taken from the galleries of photographias amadorísticas and Condor Music on Flickr.

For more news : photographias amadorísticas Flickr / Condor Music Flickr

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paulo Schroeber / Marcelo Barbosa : Cifraclub TV video

In this video for Cifraclub TV, Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Barbosa present the riff of the song "Birds Of Prey" (Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008) and give you all technical and theoretical informations to learn this awesome riff ! Enjoy !

For more news : Cifraclub TV Youtube / Marcelo Barbosa Official Blog

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Almah : Marreco's Fest 2010

Almah is one of the highlights of Marreco's Fest which takes place today at Camping show in Brasília (Brazil).

The band plays from 21:25 (Brazilian time) !

For more news : Marreco's Fest website

Friday, June 18, 2010

Edu Falaschi : show with Kattah in Curitiba (Brazil)

MS Metal Press Official note :

"The lead singer of the bands Almah and Angra, Edu Falaschi, will be present alongside the band Kattah in Curitiba in the evening of August 8, at Hangar Bar.

The event will serve as pre-release of Kattah debut album "Eyes Of Sand" and will present, beside the own music of the quintet, a set-list which will include some classicals of Angra with Edu Falaschi. "MS Metal Press has promoted this meeting, because we are part of its cast. I'm very happy to be back in Curitiba for this night, which will be certainly very special. It will be the first time I'll share the stage with the band Kattah and I'm very happy to share this moment with them. Wait for a great show with great music" said Edu Falaschi."

The event will take place on August 8, at Hangar Bar in Curitiba (Brazil), from 18:00 (Brazilian time).

For more news : MS Metal Press / Kattah Official Myspace

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almah : show in Goiânia (Brazil)

Almah plays today with Khallice (the other band of Marcelo Barbosa) at Bolshoi Pub in Goiânia / GO (Brazil) from 21:00 (Brazilian time) !

For more news : Bolchoi Pub.com.br

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almah, show Belo Horizonte : new pics

Here are new pics of the Almah's show at Hard Rock Café in Belo Horizonte, on last June 13.

All these awesome pics have been taken by the great Brazilian photographer Paula Mordente !

To know more about Paula Mordente, visit her Official Website !

For more news : Paula Mordente Officiel Website / Flick / Twitter /Orkut