Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Marcelo Barbosa 's blog updating !

For the end of the year, Marcelo Barbosa talks about an interview he gave with Edu Falaschi for a great Russian metal magazine, but also about videos he found on Youtube about Almah: Video Games with the songs "Birds of Prey" and "Torn" and fan's tribute!

To read the whole article, visit Marcelo Barbosa official blog

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pics gallery and interview of Edu Falaschi at Anime Master 2008, on 12/07/08

To see the pics gallery and the interview of Edu Falaschi (in Portuguese) at Anime Master 2008, in Fortaleza (Brazil), on 12/07/08, go on Edu Falaschi's French blog.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Review of the Almah's show in Maceio on 12/02/08

Here is an English translation (sorry for my poor English !), of a review of the Almah's show in Maceio (Brazil), on 12/02/08, by the Brazilian metal website Whiplash :

Edu Falaschi, Felipe Andreoli

Edu Falaschi

"Tuesday Night, December 02, 2008, Maceio, Alagoas's capital. Who knew that this day would be a day of metal ? Because in the Teatro de Arena, attached to Deodoro Theater, the most classic of the city, start a good metal show : Almah.

In the courtyard of the theater, more than 100 people, hopeful and anxious, waiting for the begining of the show. "I'm wondering how will be the show inside the theater", says Danielle Yezzy, a studient, fan of the band. It's not often that happens a metal show non-acoustic in a theater. But when they open the doors of the theater, the idea of the show is taking shape.Fans are adapting to the padded benches and comment : "It's so good to see a metal show in this way". The place is small (capacity for 180 people), and in the arena, any angle is good to see the band in action.


After the firts part band, the background of Satisfire is replaced by the Almah's one, and under the shouts of the audience, come on stage Paulo Schroeber (guitar), Marcelo Moreira (Drums), Felipe Andreoli (guitar), Marcelo Barbosa (guitar) and Eduardo Falaschi (vocals)."Birds Of Prey", the first song of the new album "Fragile Equality", which pleased everyone who was eager to hear the first Almah's notes.Alternating songs from "Fragile Equality" with songs from the first album, namesake of the band name, and also with some songs from Angra 's repertory, the band played a very good set-list involving the audiance and keeping the public agitated for one hour and a half of the show, also, in good part of the time, the public try to remain itself seated, what was a little funny, and causing a strange comment from Edu Falaschi.

Songs from the Almah's album, "King", "Scary Zone", "Children Of Lies", and "Breathe", left the audience a little more quiet, while the songs from the new album, and especially Angra's songs, pulled the voices of the public in choir. The famous "Bleeding Heart", of Angra, made all singing, exhorted by Edu requesting that all accompanied him, mainly gilrs, which, according to him, like more this song.Songs from "Fragile Equality" were usually predated by comments. "Magic Flame" which had great success in Japan, "Torn", which works very well with Brazilian fans. The song "All I Am", is part of the original set-list but was played for the first time in Maceio, the Salvador's audience couldn't checked it live. From the new album were also played "Beyond Tomorrow" and "You'll Understand" and "Fragile Equality".

The top of the show was the song "Nova Era", from Angra. "In this music, generally, I don't sing, because everyone sings higher than me", said Edu. And when the firt notes sounded, it was confirmed. The audience sang in choir, very high, together with the band, it was a great moment, and nobody remain seated in padded seats of the theater.With this last song they almost said farewell themselfs, if they were not shouts of "Bis", that it was made in a great style. They returned on stage and calling someone from the audience to sing with them "Run to the Hills" from Iron Maiden. Up on stage, showing he had a power voice, Henrique Marques, lead vocal of the heavy/trash metal band "Raiser", from Alagoas.This time, it was not a relationship between a band and his fans, but a real friendship, with everyone standing around the stage, shaking and singing.

During the show, except the Edu's microphone which was a little low in some musics, and lights weak sometimes, everything was very good. After the show, Almah and Satisfire sold CD, took some pics and given autographs. Congratulations to Paranoid Rock, who brought the bands to Maceio, with a good production and professionalim.You coming back !"

Paulo Schroeber, Felipe Andreoli, Marcelo Barbosa

Paulo Schroeber, Marcelo Barbosa

Paulo Schroeber


For more news : Whiplash

Saturday, December 27, 2008

First Fragile Equality's clip !

The first Almah's clip from Fragile Equality, shot in late December by the band in Brasilia (Brazil) directed by Rodrigo Gianetto is "Beyond Tomorrow". It should be launched in January!

For more news : Flogao Almah

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pics gallery of the Almah's show in Brasilia on 12/19/08

Here is a pics gallery of the Almah's show in Brasilia (Brazil) on 12/19/08.
These pics are taken from Ramone and Selene' s galleries on orkut.

Edu Falaschi, Paulo Schroeber, Felipe Andreoli

Paulo Schroeber, Marcelo Barbosa

Felipe Andreoli

Marcelo Moreira, Marcelo Barbosa

Paulo Schroeber, Edu Falaschi, Felipe Andreoli

Edu Falaschi

Felipe Andreoli, Marcelo Barbosa

Marcelo Barbosa

Paulo Schroeber, Edu Falaschi, Felipe Andreoli

Felipe Andreoli, Paulo Schroeber

Edu Falaschi

Edu Falaschi, Paulo Schroeber

Felipe Andreoli, Marcelo Moreira, Marcelo Barbosa

Felipe Andreoli, Paulo Schroeber, Marcelo Barbosa

Edu Falaschi

Edu Falaschi

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Marcelo Barbosa's greetings

Here is an English translation of Marcelo Barbosa 's greetings :

So I take this opportunity to thank all those who have been present in my life in a positive way this year and to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, and beside common things like presents and good food, I wish everyone to catch the true christmas spirit. The spirit of goodness, fraternity, solidarity and brotherhood. If we all do that in this way, it's not necessary to wish you an happy 2009, it will come like a gift ...


Kisses and Hugs !"

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa Official Blog

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Almah's New Year's greetings

Here are the Almah's New Year's greetings :

"Hi everybody!

This year was fantastic for all of us, we worked very hard since January 2008 until now and we are totally satisfied with the results of our efforts. We just want to say: THANK YOU ALL!!! We will never forget all the positive support we got from all our loyal fans all over the world!

We wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Stay Tuned dudes! 2009 will bring us some news, like our very first VIDEO CLIP we have already filmed.

See ya soon!


For more news go on Almah's Official Myspace, feel free to leave them a comment !

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pics of the Almah's show in Brasilia on 12/09/08

Here are some pics of the Almah's show in Brasilia (Brazil), on 12/19/08 :


Paulo Schroeber, Felipe Andreoli, Marcelo Barbosa


Monday, December 22, 2008

New Fragile Equality's review on Heavylaw

Here is a translation (sorry for my bad English) of a new Fragile Equality's review published by the French metal website Heavylaw

"Almah was born of the union of musicians from different musical background, Paulo Scroeber and Marcelo Barbosa were guitar players in death and thrash metal bands and the rest of the band made his story through the power and heavy metal. Put a "k" before the name of the band and you will get melodic death ! Finland is not the subject here and Pekka Kokko 's band is not the topic of the day.
On the light we have Edu Falaschi which initiated the project, Andre Matos replacement and Angra's singer (if it's still necessary to present). Bringing together competences and great local musicians under the same name, he sings on heavy metal wild pace, which until now smiles to our man. The succes of the first Almah's album generated much interst. For the second album called Fragile Equality we rolled up our sleeves, we work twice as hard and we throw ourself into the songs...

Like a fresh breeze, Fragile Equality refreshed my ears asleep by the rubbishy albums I heard very recently. I have to say that this album is a bomb (nuclear, intergalactic, it's like you want) and marks a great return to inventive and swinging power metal, with the grandiloquence of the Brazilian influences. In fact, we feel these influences with songs like "Invisible Cage", which could remember some Rebith pieces. In addition, the melodic base of the album is embellished by the adition of many musical currents to give an awesome heavy metal ("Magic Flame") and beautifull ballads which aerate and soften the production ("Shade Of My Soul"). With Almah, we have the great pleasure to rediscover music quality, well written and emphazing the creative potential of the brazilians.

The background of each musician is very important. The guitar players, with their exprerience in the extreme metal, show their true talent, accustomed to the velocity and accuracy.
With Fragile Equality we see the progressive graduation in the musical intensity, we can also noted that some songs are made with a flawless melodic movement. The majority of the riffs are embellished in a variety of melodies accompanied by the convincing singing of Edu. The frontman has a vocal ability now well known by all. Vibrating in the treble, his performance embellishes the instrumentales lines and gives all the feeling to captivate the public. "Torn" for example, shows the love for the magic of metal, with this song we feel the rage, the pugnacity and outburst of joy on the chorus. We have to say that the band plays with our emotions helped by the talents of each musician. The soli are very fast and awesome and make us reach the nirvana.In addition melodies are improved with lots of breaks and briges that highlight the awesome technical of Almah. From this point of view, there is nothing to say, the performance is incredible, and I was talking about the techincal of the two guitar players but it's nothing compared to the feeling of the old members. This album is a "must have" and will undoubtedly participate to the reputation of the Edu Falaschi's project. But when it works well it merits awards, there are never surprises !"

For more news : Heavylaw

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Paulo Schroeber's interview for the Almah's official Russian website

Paulo Schroeber gave an interview for the Almah's official Russian website !
Here is an English translation of the interview :

"Irina : Your date of birth?

Paulo Schroeber : 18/08/73

Irina : Your home city?

Paulo Schroeber : Caxias do Sul

Irina : Why did you decide to learn classical acoustic guitar?

Paulo Schroeber : Long time ago I saw one of my friends playing some pieces on the acoustic guitar, and since that day I have a passion to this instrument. Actually, I listen to many acoustic guitar players, but I still prefer Andres Segovia. Unfortunately, today I don’t play acoustic guitar due to my responsibilities with the electric guitar and the lack of time.

Irina : Why did you decide to continue with electric guitar?

Paulo Schroeber : This choice was natural, I couldn’t be dedicated to both instruments at once, so I did my choice for electric guitar.

Irina : Where did you learn music?

Paulo Schroeber : In one school in Caxias do Sul. And some time later I did some lessons with one jazz guitarist, Julio Herlein from Porto Alegre.

Irina : What are your favorite music, bands?

Paulo Schroeber : I like all the styles, but my favorite bands are the old ones - AC/DC and Black Sabbath.

Irina : How did you receive a proposal to join Almah?

Paulo Schroeber : It was from my friend Marcelo Moreira who has already worked with them before.

Irina : How was your first meeting with the band? How soon did it became clear that you're a good choice for the band?

Paulo Schroeber : It was a meeting with Edu Falaschi at his home, we finished two songs in two days (Magic Flame and Meaningless World), after that he presented me to the band and everyone approved me. One week later Edu sent me a mail confirming me as the new guitarist. To get involved with the work was easy, and it happened in a natural way, besides Edu Falaschi is an extremely accessible person.

Irina : How did you get involved in the workt on the new album? From which part of work?

Paulo Schroeber : I actively participated in pre-production, composing all my solos, some parts of the songs and improving riffs, besides the composing of Birds of Prey together with Edu.
Did it take some time to find a common guitar language with Marcelo Barbosa?
No, it was instantly, our chemistry has already begun right since the moment we were introduced to each other.

Irina :You can play different styles of music, but which one is your favorite?

Paulo Schroeber : I play various styles of music, but my favorite ones obviously are metal and fusion.

Irina : Do you have any job besides music? Maybe teaching or something like that?

Paulo Schroeber : I give lessons in my home and in one school, besides doing gigs with some local musicians.

Irina : When are you going to release your solo album?

Paulo Schroeber : was working on this for years, and just now I came to the opportunity to record it. I’ve been playing some different things on it, like jazz and fusion, besides metal and rock, for sure, I was very influenced by Marty Fiedman e Jason Becker, it will be a fantastic experience for me to be able to express my music on these styles. I wish the album to be released, at least, in the middle of the next year.

Irina : What tattoo do you have?

Paulo Schroeber : I have my left arm fully tattooed in a biomechanical style, made by an artist called Luciano Rossi, and in the right arm - stylized fire created by Alessandro Amorin, who also did some other works on my leg; and another biomechanical one on my right shoulder, done by Cabelo tattooist.

Irina, Almah Russia"

Thanks to the Almah's Japan webmaster for the link and to the Almah's Russia webmaster for the interview !

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Almah in shooting !

Almah in shooting

Almah took advantage of his visit to Brasilia for the Fragile Equality Tour, to shoot the clip of the first Fragile Equality's single, under the Rodrigo Gianetton conducting!

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa Official blog

Friday, December 19, 2008

Almah in Brasilia !

Almah plays tonight in Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil and Marcelo Barbosa's town, at Blackout Bar, at 22:00 !
The band will make an autograph session before the concert, at 16.00 !

For more news : Almah Official Myspace, Almah Official Website, AlmahOfficial French Website

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Edu Falaschi's interview on Musica Expressa

Edu Falaschi gave an interview to Musica Expressa, just after the Almah's concert in Fortaleza, on 12/05/08. He tells us his entire career!
You can find a French translation of the interview on Edu Falaschi's French blog !
To read the interview in Portuguese, go on Musica Expressa and Whiplash !

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pics gallery of the Almah's show in Juazeiro do Norte, on 12/14/08

Here is a pics gallery of the Almah's show in Juazeiro do Norte (Brazil), on 12/14/08.
To see all the gallery, go on Midia Eventus website.

Edu Falaschi

Marcelo Barbosa

Paulo Schroeber

Paulo Schroeber

Edu Falaschi

Paulo Schroeber

Felipe Andreoli

Marcelo Barbosa

Edu Falaschi

Another pics of the show, taken from the galleries of Mayck Guitar and Porao Rock on Orkut :

Marcelo Barbosa

Paulo Schroeber, Felipe Andreoli

Marcelo Moreira

Paulo Schroeber, Edu Falaschi, Felipe Andreoli

Paulo Schroeber

Paulo Schroeber

Edu Falaschi, Felipe Andreoli, Marcelo Barbosa

Edu Falaschi, Marcelo Barbosa

Felipe Andreoli

Edu Falaschi, Felipe Andreoli