Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paulo Schroeber : new Official Myspace !

New Paulo Schroeber 's Official Myspace is online now !

You can now follow the all Paulo Schroeber's career on this new Myspace, whose design is signed by Benhur Lima: biography, videos and of course songs in listening are available on this page!

Feel free to visit the new Paulo Schroeber Official Myspace and leave him a message:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Almah and Illustria together for a great show in Sao Paulo

Tito Falaschi (Illustria) and Edu Falaschi (Almah/Angra)

Official note from MS Metal Press and Almah official website :

"Bands Almah and Illustria will play on next July 31 in Sao Paulo city, in one of the most mythical concert hall of Sao Paulo, the Manifesto Bar.

Almah, who takes advantage of a break in the Angra's schedule, continues its tour to promote its second studio album, Fragile Equality. The band has the experience of the singer Edu Falaschi and bassist Felipe Andreoli, together with guitarists Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber, line-up completed by the drummer Marcelo Moreira. "Where it's possible, we schedule new dates for Almah. We have a powerful album in our hands and we want to extend its promotion in Brazil" said Edu Falaschi.

The band Illustria, new band on Brazilian scene, but with a strong line-up with Tito Falaschi (bass and vocals, ex Symbols), Clarissa Moraes (vocals), Derli Pontes and Tatiana Pará (guitars), Nina Pará (batterie) andt Samuel Cirelli (ckeyboards), will perform its compositions from its EP Demons Of War, and some metal standards.

According to Tito Falaschi : "We are very pleased with the receptivity of our work, so fans could always expect the Illustria's best in our shows ! We'll play songs from Demons Of War and some standards in order to do head banging everybody in Manifesto. "

For more news : MS Metal Press

Friday, June 26, 2009

Almah and Illustria at Manifesto Rock Bar !

"Bands Almah and Illustria will play on next July 31 at Manifesto Rock Bar in Sao Paulo (Brasil) at 22:00.

Almah is made up of Edu Falaschi (vocal), Marcelo Barbosa et Paulo Schroeber (guitars), Felipe Andreoli (bass) and Marcelo Moreira (drums). The band which is currently composing its third album, will play some songs from Almah (2006) and Fragile Equality (2008).

The band Illustria, consisted of Tito Falaschi (vocal and bass), Clarissa Moraes (vocal), Derli Pontes and Tatiana Pará (guitars), Berce Pará (drums) and Samuel Cirelli (keyboards), will performed its compositions from the EP Land Of Tomorrow."

Origin : Whiplash

For more news : Manifesto Rock Bar/Almah official Myspace/Illustria official Myspace/Almah France official website

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Almah France : videos archives

Almah France, in collaboration with Edu Falaschi France completes its videos archives and invites you to discover or rediscover an Edu Falaschi/Almah's interview on TV Corsario, broadcasted in September 2007 !

To watch the interview (in Portuguese), go on Almah France official website !

Monday, June 22, 2009

Paulo Schroeber : new Almah's video in "full version"

Paulo Schroeber posted yesterday on his official Youtube Channel two new Almah's videos in "full version" :
  • Almah studio sessions - full version
  • Almah solos - full version
Enjoy !!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paulo Schroeber : Rock it !!

Paulo Schroeber offers us a new video on his Youtube channel, Rock it!! extract from his future solo album, which is currently being recorded!

Enjoy !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New playlist on Almah France Blog !

Here is the new playlist in listening on the blog :

* Almah, Fragile Equality (2008) :
- Invisible Cage
- Fragile Equality

* Almah (2006) :
- Children Of Lies
- Almah

Enjoy !

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Felipe Andreoli : Pics at Blackmore Rock Bar with Edu Ardanuy and Thiago Bianchi

Here are some pics of the Edu Ardanuy (ex Almah) and Thiago Bianchi's Birthday at Blackmore Rock Bar on last June 11, with Felipe Andreoli. (see our post on June 11 2009)

Pics are extracts from Danilo Palange gallery on Flickr

Edu Ardanuy (Dr Sin), Felipe, Nando Fernandes

Edu Ardanuy (Dr Sin, ex-Almah)

Felipe, Thiago Bianchi, Nando Fernandes, Edu Ardanuy

To watch all the pics of the concert, go on Flickr !

Monday, June 15, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa / Paulo Schroeber : interview on Guitar Player last part

Here is the last part of the Marcelo Barbosa and paulo Schroeber interview on Guitar Player published on May 2009.

Thanks again to Irina Ivanova, de Almah Russia for the link ;)

Interview part 1

"What kind of electric and acoustic guitars did you use?

Marcelo : Basically I used my Tagima MB-1, my signature model, and for some rhythm parts a Carvin, which belonged to the studio, it had a hard tail and it was equipped with hard gauge strings, 0,13 I guess. The location of Almah musicians is a bit complicated. I live in Brasília, Paulo and Moreira live in Caxias do Sul. We finished all electric guitar parts close to the flight time to come back home. Thus, the recording of the acoustic guitar parts planned to be done after the electric guitars, were played by Edu himself and Felipe. They did it very well. They used Yamaha acoustic guitars.

Paulo : I used an Ibanez Universe, a 7 strings Carvin, an ESP, also 7 strings, and Marcelo's Tagima.

Did the guitars are totally your responsibility?

Marcelo : Working in Almah we all have some good freedom to choose, even knowing that sometimes it can generate some certain climate. We knew that every individual part affected the final result, affected everything. Edu presented some ideas, yes, and he chose among others Paulo and me worked at. He did a job of the album producer, besides being the founder of the project, and even having some certain freedom for the others practically everything was being done under his decisions, which is natural under these kind of circumstances.

Paulo : We are totaly free when we composed, especially for solos. I wanted to put a little part of my sound and I was very satisfred with the result. Edu brought melodies and some bases. Then, Marcelo and I did necessary adjustments. But I have also composed songs from the beginning, like Brids Of Prey.

Which effects were used in order to achieve this kind of sound of this CD?

Marcelo : We used my Marshall preamp valve JMP-1 connected with Mesa Boogie Strategy 500 equipped with a cabinet of 4 x 12, also Marshall. In some moments we also used a stack 5150 of Peavey. Besides that, according to what every song required, we used different pedals like boosts (mainly, for the solos and some melodies) and one or another effect. I remember that Shred Pro and Dual Chorus by NIG were used and some others like Full Drive by Fulltone and Phaser by Van Halen by MXR.

Having two extra class guitarists in one band, how did it works, the process of dividing the solos and bases without fight of egos in the studio?

Marcelo : We tried to divide the solos and passages rather in some equilibrium manner. We didn’t have any problem with that, it was a thing quite natural for us. We don’t have lead guitarist in Almah, like in some bands. Both played the roles of soloist and of rhythmist. It was some new experience for me to play together with another guitarist and I’ve used it for learning, not only the guitar.

Paulo : we divided all and there was never any fight of egoes between Marcelo and me. If one of us want to play a riff or a solo, the other accepted without any problem.

Tell us about your other projects.

Marcelo : I play in two other bands. Khallice is a prog metal band already known by a big part of Brazilian metal audience, the band is going to do its second release soon. Zero10 is a band formed by childhood friends I have a pleasure to play with every week in night clubs in Brasília for almost 10 years. We play the best of pop, rock and metal of all the times. Since I adore to play live Zero10 supports this kind of desire when the shows are regular. Besides that, I’m the founder and the owner of GTR Guitar Institute that already for 15 years graduates professional musicians and music-lovers. At the moment I’m working a lot at my instrumental compositions. I suppose to record my first solo CD still this year, if everything works.

Paulo : I'm recording an instrumental album. The recording sessions will begin in April. I have also another band, Hammer 67, which is a rock/ industrial metal band. The album will be out in November."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marcelo Barbosa / Paulo Schroeber : interview on Guitar Player

Here is an English translation of the first part of Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber interview on Guitar Player, published in May 2009.

Thanks to Irina Ivanova, from Marcelo barbosa Official English Blog for the link ;)

"Fragile Equality is the name of Almah's second album, which has as a leader the singer Edu Falaschi (Angra). The ten tracks of the album show a fantastic instrumental work, performed by Marcelo Barbosa (guitar), Paulo Schroeber (guitar), Felipe Andreoli (bass) and Marcelo Moreira (drums), in add of the powerful voice of Falaschi. The arrangements are amazing, heavy and devastating solos impress the all CD. Check out the interview with Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber.

The guitars are at the perfect harmony on Fragile Equality, like double solos on “You’ll Understand”, for example. How it worked, this connection between you?

Marcelo : Look, thanks God, we didn’t have any problem regarding that. Paulo entered the band almost at the end of the process of pre-production, and he came full of ideas and arrangements for the songs. Also he composed some things with Edu and it was for good. We got to know each other one month before the recording or something like that and we got along with each other very well as the persons and as the musicians. That’s funny, but even during the recording both, Edu and Felipe, discussed that they already felt the influence of one to another regarding our concord and the way of playing. I hadn’t known about his work before he entered the band, but very fast he became a big friend of mine. I believe that our musical connection became possible due to respect and admiration from both sides.

Paulo : It was very natural and quiet. The link was immediat. We complement each other, because we have slightly different ways of playing

How did you enter Almah?

Marcelo : I entered during the first album tour. At that moment the band consisted of the members of Angra without guitarists, and Edu Ardanuy. After a few shows Edu (Ardanuy) decided to leave the band due to personal reasons, and he indicated my name for his place. I’d already known these people due to our meetings at workshops, shows in Brasília with my other band Khallice, and Expomusic. I suppose, it also made their decision easier. Edu got in touch with me and finally he said something like that: Ok, it’s great that you were found. The problem is the following - the next show is to be in 10 days, and you should learn all this repertoir, 20 songs including Angra, Almah and covers before the next week, so that we can do at least two rehearsals together, ok? :) And it was a period of time I don’t remember much about except rehearsing…

Paulo : Before joining the band, I did a test with Edu Falaschi, giving some ideas on Magic Flame and Meaningless World songs. Marcelo, I met him later, when we were doing some tests for the recording.

Very heavy riffs are a constant thing of the album. Was it decided beforehand for this disc, or did everything flow out naturally?

Marcelo : Both things. We had already had an idea that the album would sound heavier than the melodic metal albums that we considered as a reference. It guided us during the composing and producing of the album. Besides that, almost the all tuning settings of the CD are in Eb with sixth string in Db. Only this made the songs heavier and it was also put together with that fact that Paulo used the 7-strings guitar in some songs.

Paulo : During the pre-production, we made things intentionally a bit more direct , so that the album sounds heavier. I think to use on next album my 8 strings guitars, which are still in fabrication. For the new album, Marcelo and I want to reduce keyboards place and leave more space for guitars."

The end of the interview tomorrow ! Stay tuned !

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Edu Falaschi, Felipe Andreoli, Almah : special guests of Edu Ardanuy and Thaigo Bianchi at Blackmore Rock Bar

Edu Ardanuy (ex-Almah, Dr. Sin) and Thiago Bianchi (Shaman, Karma) celebrate their birthday tonight in Sao Paulo (Brazil) at Blackmore Rock Bar from 22h00 (Brazilian time)!

Here is the line-up of this band just for a night:

Thiago Bianchi: Vocals
Edu Ardanuy: guitar
Felipe Andreoli: bass
Fabrizio Di Sarno: keyboards
Triana Gabriel: drums

A great jam will be held, including with Almah's members, Edu Falaschi and his brother, Tito Falaschi will also take part in the party!

For more news : Whiplash / Edu Falaschi France

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Felipe Andreoli : interview on Power Of Metal Russian Community, last part

Here is the last part of the Felipe Andreoli's interview, published on Power of Metal Russian Community in May 2009.

Thanks again to Irina Ivanova from Almah Russia for the interview !

Read the first part of the interview

"Haze: Are you still in touch with Mauro Chevis, I remember you played together in FireSign and after that you did together a few instrumental compositions which were very good. Are you going to do something together again some day in the future?

Felipe: Mauro is living in England right now, it’s been a while since the last time we met. We used to do stuff together at his place back in the day, but unfortunately that’s more difficult now. I’d like to, though.

The Sinner: How do you find time for everything? For all your projects, workshops, visiting shows, for private life, for your hobbies, for the Internet? How much time per day you play bass, maybe other instruments for training, for learning something new?

Felipe: Ii isn’t easy to handle this many activities, but I try to be very organized in regards to dates and all. I save as much time as I can for my fiancée, my family and friends, cause sometimes you’re away for months, and that’s really hard. Playing bass is something that I do only when I have a show or rehearsal. I’m not much of a workout guy when it comes to exercises. I like to play music. Recently I’ve been studying acoustic guitar and Harmony.

The Sinner: Could you mention ALL the projects and albums you participated in during the last maybe 1,5 years (I’m afraid I can miss something: Almah, Bittencourt Project, Kiko Loureiro, Time Out…). What about Karma, does it exist nowadays and what about Time Out, if I’m not mistaken you recorded and released some new stuff in 2008, parallel with Almah?

Felipe: That’s about it! You can find all the infos in my MySpace page: myspace.com/andreolibass. Karma still exists, but its members are so busy doing other stuff that it’s been hard to do anything new. We plan to do something, we just don’t know when. Besides that, this year I’ll do another record with Vox, which is a project with Thiago and Marcell from Karma and my friend André Brunetti on guitars.

The Tapdancer: I have always had a question… What a musician can do, if for example a nose begins to itch during a show?

Felipe: Scratch it! Don’t be ashamed! lol

Grisha: What do you think about your vocals abilities?

Felipe: I’m not a good singer, but I can do some backing vocals fairly in tune. I like to sing more in the Metallica, Slayer style, that’s what I do best as far as singing.

Grisha: What kind of profession did you dream to choose when you were a child?

Felipe: As soon as I thought about professions, I knew I would be a musician. I never had a doubt.

Grisha: What ordinary people in Brazil think about USA?

Felipe: They have different opinions, but I think that a common sense would be that the USA’s interference with other countries (e.g. Afghanistan) is only a way to achieve their personal interests. I hope Obama can show the world a better America, not a greedy and dominating one.

Grisha: Your favorite alcohol drink?

Felipe: None, I don’t drink alcohol.

Grisha: If you had an opportunity to have a look at the future, what would you prefer to get to know about it?

Felipe: Nothing. It would be impossible to look at the future and not change the present. I like to live like day by day.

Bruce: What do you think about the piracy in music?

Felipe: Piracy sucks big time. It is because of piracy that bands nowadays don’t have financial resources to do their records in a better quality, and even less, promote them. We’re all dependant on the internet, which everyone thinks is free, but you need a lot of money to make a really decent promotion there, too. I wouldn’t be a hypocrite and say I’ve never downloaded music, but when I like it, I go out and buy it. We could use the internet as a means of getting to know new stuff, but it doesn’t mean music is for free. It costs money to do a record.

The Sinner: We heard that Marcelo Moreira is the god of cooking, who is a god of cooking in Angra? From our interview, we know that it’s not Edu, cos he told he can cook only eggs. Have you ever tried eggs prepared by Edu?

Felipe: Luckily not! I mean, I’m still alive, right? I think the best cook in Angra is Rafael. I can do my tricks, too.

The Sinner: You are touring with Sepultura. I totally understand the idea of this union of two idols of the “metal do Brasil” from musical and historical point of view. But from the outside it looks like not only music but also people in the bands are very different, how do you get along backstage? I mean Sepultura look more like crazy rockers… yes, for sure you have many common interests like football, but if I’m not mistaken Angra supports Corinthians, Sepa – SPFC? How do you get along personally in these circumstances?

Felipe: Let’s get one thing straight, Angra does not support Corinthians, only Edu and Ricardo do! Me, Kiko, Rafael and the keyboard player Daniel support Sao Paulo! And not all of Sepultura supports Sao Paulo, Derrick is Palmeiras and Paulo is Atletico Mineiro. We do get along very well personally, and none of us are “crazy rockers”; we’re pretty normal people, by the way. The tour is turning out fantastic, and many more shows will come.

Pied Piper: In our interview with Edu we asked him about penguins (this is the unofficial symbol of our Power Of Metal Russian Community), if he likes them and if he would like to be a PENGUIN. He answered “no”, he would prefer to be an EAGLE. If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you like to be (and to get along with Edu Eagle)? Do you think are you caça ou caçador?

Felipe: I like being a human being, honestly. ? I love Penguins and animals in general, and if I had to be one, I would like to be… I don’t know, maybe a Horse."

For more news : Almah Russia

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Felipe Andreoli : interview on Power Of Metal Russian Community

Here is the firts part of Felipe Andreoli's interview, published on Power of Metal Russian Community in May 2009.

A very special thanks to Irina Ivanova from Almah Russia for the interview ;)

"Evry: Do you intend to be the main author of lyrics for the next Almah album, like it was with Fragile Equality, will the next album be also conceptual and will there be something in common between the new one and FE concerning conception?

Felipe: I like to write lyrics, so this is something that I’ll probably keep on doing in Almah, but not necessarily I’ll be the main writer. it’s all a matter of inspiration. We started writing new material, but that’s more on the instrumental side, so we didn’t talk about any concepts yet. We have some ideas to share, and we’ll do that in the near future.

Evry: Tell me about the atmosphere in the band (Angra), about relationships among the band members now after “parada”, don’t you have any problems after these two years pause working together, changing creative ideas or on the contrary everything is very easy?

Felipe: The atmosphere is great. We are all sensing this feeling of being back, and we feel very motivated. Of course we have to do some more shows to really get back in shape after 2 years, but we’re pretty happy with the way things are going right now.

The Sinner: What’s the difference between the atmosphere in Angra and in Almah from personal point of view? What’s the difference concerning creative work, rehearsing and like this?

Felipe: The main difference is that the members of Almah live in different cities, very distant from one another, so it’s always great when we meet after a while. I’m friends with all the members of both bands, which it’s great. Concerning the work with each band, of course we have a more demanding routine with Angra, which makes everything a bit more serious.

Iron_Fox: Tell me, please, as a professional musician: is it obligatory to have some musical education for making music or is it better to get to know everything on one’s own? Is it necessary to use all musical order and laws or is it better to create music spontaneously, connecting own thoughts and ideas?

Felipe: Writing music for Angra or Almah is not easy, and it definitely demands knowledge of music. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a formal education, as long as you know what you’re doing. In making music there are no rules to be followed, but of course it helps if you know what you’re doing. Spontaneity is always welcome, though.

The Scarecrow: Barak Obama or Dmitry Medvedev? Who would be better on the throne of Brazil?

Felipe: None of them. Only a Brazilian citizen could understand our needs and problems!

The Scarecrow: Harry Potter or The Lord Of the Rings? Or nothing, but Star Wars? (I mean movies).

Felipe: They’re all great movies, but Star Wars would be my favorite.

The Tapdancer: What exactly pushed you to learn bass?

Felipe: My friends at school were forming a band. I played a little acoustic guitar, and they needed a bass player. Do the math!

Grisha: Do you have another instrument you play on the same level as the bass?

Felipe: Not at the same level, but I play guitar and drums.

The Sinner: It is in the booklet to FE that you and Daga recorded percussion for FE (it means Invisible Cage?). What kind of instruments did you use for the recording? Which brasilian percussion instrument do you like the most (I saw in youtube you played caixa in Angra’s batucada)? What kind of traditional rhythms do you prefer besides samba?

Felipe: I used a Djembe and a Derbak. Adriano helped with the percussion loops, and we used various instruments, including Zabumba, Alfaia, and Pandeiro, all sampled. My favourite Brazilian rhythm is Maracatu.

The Tapdancer: You’re currently in tour with Sepultura. For their latest conceptual albums like A-lex and its predecessor they used the classical world literature masterpieces. Have you ever had the same idea and if yes, what kind of book could it be? Why?

Felipe: We used the book Aurora Consurgens in our last record. I wouldn’t say we base an entire work on a single book, but we’re very influenced by the many books we all read. I try to read at least one book per week, so it’s obviously sub-conscientious to use ideas from them when I write. If I had to base an entire record on a book, it’d surely be one from author Carl Sagan.

The Tapdancer: What styles of music you like more as a listener? Only metal or something else?

Felipe: Fusion, Progressive, Pop Music, Jazz, New Age, Thrash Metal, and Brazilian Music.

AnderSon: I’m a bass guitarist myself and I really admire your technics of playing. Do you have any video classes or any plans to release something like that?

Felipe: I have one that’s been released only in Brazil called “Angra Bass” (you can find it at www.aprendamusica.com.br, in Portuguese). I plan to release a new one as soon as I have the time.

AnderSon: I saw your pictures with Steve-the-Great at your website. Do you know him personally?

Felipe: I met him twice, but we never talked.

AnderSon: Have you even had any idea to visit Russia with some workshop?

Felipe: I’d absolutely love to! Please, someone hire me! lol

AnderSon: When you entered Angra, was it very difficult to become familiar in the new team for you, to work with new people, to get accustomed to the old song stuff?

Felipe: It was a very easy adaptation for me, both musically and personally. We had a very good rapport since the beginning.

AnderSon: Do you know any Russian metal acts?

Felipe: I know Victor Smolski, but I think that’s it! I’d like to know more about Russian metal."

The end, tomorrow !

For more news : Almah Russia

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Edu Falaschi : great show in Sao Paulo with Angra !

Here is an extract from the reviw of Angra's concert in Sao Paulo (Brazil) on May 08, published on Whiplash about the Edu Falaschi's participation :

"[...] Edu, who's excellent second Almah's album seems to have done very well. And not only artistically. The frontman seemed more confident, more relaxed, seeing the problems of a live presentation with the skill with which every good rocker should consider:: with naturalness and good humor, . Furthermore, the musician finally found a comfortable way of singing the songs of the Andre Matos era without imitates him. Much less high and more intensity, less power and more interpretation, sense of reality, reflected in songs like "Angels Cry," "Never Understand", "Nothing to Say" and "Carolina IV" - the latter, one of its recent weaknesses, was one of the highlights of the night. All fans didn't seem to understand well this new attitude. But it showed the courage and the personality of a musician who grew up with the years. [...]"

Almah official website

For more news : Whiplash

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Almah's new single on radio Transamérica

"The song from the band almah entitled "All I Am", will be one of the highlights of the next broadcasting of Trans Vertical. Transmitted by Radio FM 91.5 Transamérica Manaus (Brazil), the broadcasting is held every Saturday, from 18:00 to 20:00 hours.

"All I Am", from the second album of the band, Fragile Equality, has been confirmed in its acoustic version to debut on the night of 06 June.

The presentation of the Trans Vertical is carried out by Emir Fadul and Caio Kanawati, in two hours of uninterrupted listening of Rock in the towns of Manacapuru, Itacoatiara, Parintins, Careiro, among many others. "

MS Metal Press

If you want broadcast on your radio the new Almah's single "All I Am", contact Almah France to the following address : sylvie@almahfrance.com

Friday, June 5, 2009

Almah : new single will debut on Great Amazon Radio

The new Almah's single, "All I Am" in acoustic version, was finally confirmed in the Amazonas state (Brazil). This time, the song, from the second album of the band Fragile Equality, will be the highlight of Drops Vertial's play-list, with the presentation and production of Russo and Amarildo broadcasters.

The broadcasting Drops Vertical is available via Radio vertical's official website, from 22h00 to 0h00 (Brazilian Time), ans "All I Am" will display on June 05 edition (Friday).

MS Metal Press

If you want to listen Radio vertical's broadcasting, I remind you that we have 5 hours of time-lag with Brazil. The programm will be broadcasted for us on June 06 between 3h00 and 5h00 am.

For more news : Radio Vertical official website

If you want broadcast on your radio the new Almah's single "All I Am", contact Almah France to the following address : sylvie@almahfrance.com

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Almah's single broadcasted for two weeks on radio Teresina/ PI

The new Almah's single joins the broadcasting of the radio Metal Ao Extremo with the "All I Am" song, which will be broadcast for two weeks from today, June 04 (Thursday). The play-list of the radio Metal Ao Extremo is available 24 hours a day on the official website of the radio [...]

"It's with a great pleasure that we are once again on the most important radio of the Piaui. This time we present our new single "All I Am", in acoustic version, one of the most representative song of our second studio album, Fragile Equality", said the singer Edu Falaschi.

MS Metal Press

For more news : Metal Ao Extremo radio official website

If you want broadcast on your radio the new Almah's single "All I Am", contact Almah France to the following address : sylvie@almahfrance.com

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last homage to Roberta Falquin

On last Friday May 29, an important Tribute to Edu falaschi's member (community ohonoring Edu falaschi on Orkut) has died. Her name : Roberta Falquin. The singer Edu Falaschi spoke on behalf the all Almah's members about what happened.

"I come here on my site to give a last homage to a very dear fan, who recently left us. She left us in this plan, but with certainty we will soon find us in another level, in a new reality, leaving all the pain and suffering behind.

Roberta, from the heart thank you for all your love and affection with regard to my person and my work. Know that all your dreams will be perpetuated by people who have had the chance to hear the sweet young girl you were in life.

My sincere condolences to the Falquin family, which has much to be proud of this fantastic human who leave us all orphans, but who is now become a beautiful star illuminating our cold autumn nights.

Almah "

Roberta Falquin 1984 - 2009

Almah France takes part in this last homage. We didn't know each other but shared the same love for music and exchanged pics and news on web. Rest in peace.