Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paulo Schroeber - Meaningless World (Almah), video demonstration

Check out new video of Paulo Schroeber playing Meaningless World (Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008), taken from his upcoming DVD Almah in video lesson !

For more news : Paulo Schroeber Official Youtube

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Almah : Felipe Andreoli comments on the first live shows in 2011

From Almah Official Website :

Last week Almah played a short “warm-up” tour around the Northeast of Brazil including two headlining shows at the famous 13th ForCaos (Fortaleza) and Armazem do Som (Juazeiro do Norte) festivals, and series of supporting events such as singing sessions, a pocket show and workshops. Almah came back to live activities after a one-year break and the band was highly acclaimed by the public at all the events. The musicians are looking forward to the upcoming release and tour of Motion. Meanwhile, Almah’s bass player Felipe Andreoli revealed a few details about the recent gigs, see his story below.

Felipe Andreoli (bass): “It was very pleasant to hit the stage with Almah again after one year. Not only because I love the music, but also because we always have a good time together, as friends. It's a very special and privileged relationship. We had a couple of rehearsals just to take the rust off our hands - and throats, for that matter, but it was surprisingly easy to put everything together as far as performance and sound. It honestly didn't seem like we hadn't played together one year ago. It felt more like a little while. What's funny is that we seem to play better together every time, even when we don't play for months!”

About the best things and the main challenges of this tour Felipe answers the following:
“The audience of the Northeast in Brazil is something special and unique. The energy we get from them keeps us motivated and fired up, even with all the traveling and the little sleep. When we get on stage there something special always happens.
I think the most challenging factor of being on tour is to be distant from your family. Of course we get tired, maybe even frustrated sometimes when things don't go the way we planned, but the absence of the people you love is really the worst thing for me”.

But not only shows and rehearsals happened during this tour: “Moreira and I had a chance to go to the Beach Park in Fortaleza, which is a water park with lots of coasters and funny pipes that you get into, some are really scary! My friend Fabricio took us there in a sunny day, it was awesome. We even faced the biggest challenge of all, called "Insano", which is a 41 meters high vertical dive! Total adrenaline!”

Almah already started to prepare the new Motion World Tour: “I'd love to go everywhere, of course! But most of all, I'm really excited to play the new songs live, I believe they will work brilliantly! We're really proud of Motion”.

The new CD “Motion” will see the light of day via AFM Records this fall. The release date will be announced soon. The album is produced by Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli.

Check out pics and videos on Almah Official Website !

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almah : ForCaos & Armazem Do Som Festivals : pics gallery

Check out some Almah's pics at ForCaos Festival (Fortaleza Brazil, 19-22/07/11) and Armazen Do Som Festival (Juazeiro do Norte , Brazil, 23/07/11) on and off stage !

These pics were taken by fans and the band !

**Almah on stage :

** Almah off stage :