Saturday, July 31, 2010

Almah France Blog : playlist of the month

Here is the new playlist of the month :

  • Beyond Tomorrow (Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008)
  • Fragile Equality (Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008)
  • Golden Empire (Almah, Almah, 2006)
  • Almah (Almah, Almah, 2006)
Enjoy ;)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Edu Falaschi : special guest at Anime Brother Club event

Edu Falaschi will be the highlight of Anime Brother Club event, on next September 04/05, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) !

To read the recent interview of Edu Falaschi speaking about his link with the Japanese culture of anime and manga, go on "Edu Falaschi French Official Blog" !

For more news : Anime Brother Club Official Website / Official Orkut Community

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Felipe Andreoli : tribute to Pantera

On next August 21, Felipe Andreoli (Almah / Angra) will make a special appearance at Pantera Cover Unscarred show at Manifesto Rock Bar (São Paulo, Brazil) in tribute to Pantera !

For more news : Felipe Andreoli Official Twitpic / Manifesto Rock Bar

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Felipe Andreoli : Indireto project

Here is the making of the recording of the song LESF from Indireto project (with Jean Dolabella, from Sepultura and Augusto Nogueira) at C4 studios, with the participation of Felipe Andreoli !

For more news : Felipe Andreoli Official Twitter / Youtube

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Felipe Andreoli : new instrumental project

Check out the video of the new instrumental project of Felipe Andreoli, Tao Caos & Cronus, in rehearsal !

For more news : Tao Caos & Cronus on Youtube

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Edu Falaschi launches his Official website in English

Edu Falaschi presents the English version of his official homepage

Check the link on the front page of or follow directly to get to actual news, biography, interviews database, photo stream, links, tour dates, curiosities – all the most important details of the background and the present career of Angra and Almah singer, composer, producer and arranger Edu Falaschi in English.

You can share the news, live dates and articles from through your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other services.

Also are available:

Besides the Portuguese and English versions of the official site you can find the links to the official sources of Edu in French, Japanese and Russian on the front page of

For more news : Edu Falaschi Official website /Official Myspace

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Edu Falaschi : official statement for internet / Orkut users

Dear friends and fans, due to a lot of confusions (especially around Orkut) we would like to clarify the situation concerning the Internet sources of Edu Falaschi. Please, keep in mind that Edu doesn’t have any personal account in Orkut, only Community pages in this social network. All the personal profiles in Orkut created as profiles of Angra and Almah vocalist Edu Falaschi are FAKES.

“I would like to make it clear that I’ve never had any kind of ORKUT profile. There are a few persons who pretend to be me. They are getting in touch with fans using my name cheating them and making use of the innocent people who think that they stay in a kind of contact with the artist Edu Falaschi. That is why I’m here now to make it absolutely clear that I reply to the fans only in my official FACEBOOK and MYSPACE. For those who would like to get to know about me and what kind of direct communication channels I have, please, visit my official website: or the website of my press agency MS Metal Press. There you can find all the official information about my career as well as the links to all my official pages.

Thanks for understanding!”

Edu Falaschi

For more news : Edu Falaschi Official website / MS Metal Press

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Edu Falaschi : official Japanese Blog is launched

Edu Falaschi Official note from Myspace :

"Dear friends and fans from Japan!

We are very happy to tell you that now you can get information about the entire Edu’s career with the help of the new official Edu Falaschi Japanese Blog!

The new page is available at:
The service is developed and supported by Ryoki Al-Haut @the studio Al-Haut (tattooed Edu Falaschi).

In the new Blog you can find the recent news updates about Edu and his bands and projects, interviews, pictures, live dates and various links.

Thanks a lot to all the fans of Edu, Angra and Almah in Japan!!!

Stay tuned! We love you all!
All the best from Edu Falaschi’s team"

For more news : Edu Falaschi Official Myspace / Edu Falaschi Official Japanese Blog

Monday, July 5, 2010

Almah France Blog : playlist of the month

Here is the new playlist of the month :

  • You'll Understand (Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008)
  • Invisible Cage (Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008)
  • Forgotten Land (Almah, Almah, 2006)
  • Break All The Welds (bonus track, Almah, Almah, 2006)
Enjoy ;)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Almah : official statement

Brazilian prog power metal band feat. Angra’s singer Edu Falaschi ALMAH has just finished another part of Fragile Equality Tour. The band played in various cities of Brazil finishing this leg on the stage of Marreco’s fest in Brasilia.

ALMAH’s founder, frontman and mastermind Edu Falaschi has come up with an official statement about the recent tour and the future of the band :

“I would like to give a lot of thanks to everybody from the name of Almah for your incredible love and support during these five years of the band. The whole FRAGILE EQUALITY TOUR was unforgettable, mainly due to the amazing presence of the fans on the latest shows: it’s impossible to explain how it feels to see you singing along to all our songs! We haven’t been able to visit all the cities where we would like to play, but we will make it possible in the next tour! At the moment Felipe Andreoli and me are quite busy with the new ANGRA’s things, which naturally slow down the rhythm of Almah activities. However, it doesn’t mean that the band will be stopped. We are already working at new ideas for the next album and when the best moment for it comes we will record a new CD and we will back on track! See you soon, my friends! ALMAH is here: Edu Falaschi, Felipe Andreoli, Marcelo Barbosa, Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Moreira!”

Edu Falaschi

For more news : Almah Official Website

Friday, July 2, 2010

Almah, Marreco's Fest : interview Programa Synergia

For those who speak Portuguese, here's a video of Marreco's Fest 2010 with an interview of Marcelo Barbosa and Edu Falaschi, conducted by Programa Synergia!

To see the full video (23 minutes), visit Programa Synergia website !

For more news : Programa Synergia website

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Almah European Fan-Club : news of the month

Hi everybody ;)

Here are the news of the month on Amah European Fan-club :

** Tab of the month : The Fan-Club offers you this month, to work the intro riff of the song "Birds Of Prey" (Fragile equality, 2008), with the video made by Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber for Cifraclub TV ! In addition to the video and some pics, file in downloading contains tab in Guitar-Pro and PDF formats, 3 backing tracks at different tempos for training, and "Birds Of Prey" intro in wave !

** New videos : Here are the new videos available in our video gallery :

  • Almah "Birds Of Prey" riff, video Cifraclubtv
** New pics : Fan-Club offers you 109 new live pics of Almah, taken during their last shows in June in Brazil !

And remember : registration to the Fan-Club is FREE !!!

See ya soon;)

The webmaster.

For more news : Almah European Fan-Club