Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Almah single : many radio broadcasting

The new Almah single "you'll Understand" has been broadcasted on many Brazilian radios this weekend :

* Radio Caruaru FM, programme Rock life (30/08/08)
* Radio Universitária FM, programme Território do Rock FM (30/08/08)
* Do Rock Central Radio, programme Metal Force (29/08/08)
* Radio Rock Alive (29/08/08)
* Radio Rock Freeday (28/08/08)
* Radio Usina Do Rock (28/08/08 to 11/09/08), and programme Usina Metal (30/08/08)
* Radio Valvulado Metal Concerts.

A Spanish radio has also broadcasted "You'll Understand"(03/09/08, "The noise Hour").

For more news: MS MetalPress official website and Flogao Almah

For more news about Almah and their new single, or if you want to broadcast "You'll Understand" on your radio, you can contact me at the following address:

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Felipe Andreoli offcial Blog updating !

Here a small summary of Felipe words :

"I start this post by thanking all those who have been on Almah's Myspace to listen to our first Fragile Equality single. "(...) There were thousands of access in a few hours, and the little that I saw about the reactions of people made me very happy, I promise that you will not disappoint when the album will be released, because the level of compositions and the way of playing of each musician is fantastic! In spite of the fact that fans point of view is most important, we are also very pleased to witness something very rare: there was an overall infatuated with companies that will release the album all over the world (JVC, AFM and Laser Company, among others). And it was unanimous! People who work with us for Fragile Equality believe in this album, and fully understand our intentions and our way of working. (...) This type of reaction of highly qualified people in the middle gives us even more confidence, and gives us even more eager to show the power of these tunes live! "

For more news : Felipe Andreoli official blog and Flogao Almah

Friday, August 29, 2008

New video on AlmahChannel

Marcelo Barbosa : Fragile Equality solos and riffs !

For more news : Almahchannel and Almah official Myspace

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New video on AlmahChannel

Making Off : Fragile Equality drum sessions-Marcelo Moreira

For more news : AlmahChannel and Almah Official Myspace

Almah : new Myspace and new single

Come to listen the Fragile Equality new single "You'll Understand" and see the new Almah's Myspace, with new album's colours !

Almah Official Myspace

Press release Fragile Equality

A lot of things have changed since the release of ALMAH´s debut album in March 2007. Once started as a project it has turned into a real band. And due to the break of singer Edu Falschi´s band ANGRA he is now able to concentrate 100 percent on ALMAH – the one and only legitimate successor!

Big words full of confidence, but it´s no wonder: the new ALMAH record “Fragile Equality” is a display of first class musicianship, compositions on the highest level and the voice of Edu Falaschi, who has never ever sounded better than here! In fact, “Fragile Equality” has the essence of the sound that ANGRA had evolved between 1992 and 2001.

But even more, in a stagnating genre this band is able to set new accents without losing grip to their traditional power metal. Diversity is the key. “Fragile Equality” starts with a pure power metal attack, named “Birds Of Prey”, then it continues with an action-packed symphonic anthem (“Beyond Tomorrow”) with a furious chorus, followed by “Magic Flame”, a melodic speed metal masterpiece. Songs like the progressive title track and “Torn” even include thrash metal-like elements, but all wrapped into velvet vocals melodies and fantastic harmonies. The (semi) ballad “Invisible Cage” also display the Brazilian folk roots that were a trademark of Angra, and a big part of the ALMAH debut from 2007.

But “Fragile Equality” ends just like it started, with a real metal song, reminiscent to a track like “Nova Era” (from Angra´s 2001 album “Rebirth”), but even richer and more powerful. That´s the big difference to the debut album: “Fragile Equality” is a fresh and immensely strong record that also has its silent moments, but overall it is much more a “metal album” than the debut was. It would be pure understatement not to say that it is even “a lesson in up-to-date power metal”.

After Edu Falaschi wrote the songs for the debut album all alone, he recorded “Almah” together with an all-star ensemble, consisting of Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish), Lauri Porra (Stratovarius) and Casey Grillo from Kamelot. Guest appearances of Mike Stone (Queensrÿche), Edu Ardanuy (Dr. Sin) rounded off the album but underlined the project character that ALMAH had in the early stages. But this momentum directly changed when ALMAH planned their first live gigs.

Therefore Edu put together a new line-up. So the band successfully toured and played at big festivals, one of them (Sao Paulo) saw ALMAH headline in front of 40.000 people. This concert was even broadcasted on national TV! A fantastic start for their collaboration, ALMAH prepared for their second studio album then.

To introduce the new line-up: besides Edu, who is of course handling the vocals, there we have Felipe Andreoli (Angra) on bass, the Berklee-graduated guitar wizard Marcelo Barbosa and his guitar partner Paulo Schroeber, as well as drummer Marcelo Moreira. All members have contributed actively to the songwriting process of “Fragile Equality”, with Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli being responsible for the production also. The album´s lyrical concept is about “the balance between all the elements of the universe “, based on a book that Edu was the cowriter for.

He plans to release the book (it is done in Manga style) sometime later, and firstly in Brazil only. The name of the book will be “Fragile Equality - Equinox-Book 1” and it will include a karaoke CD of the “Fragile Equality” album (without vocals), so the CD will be a “soundtrack” for the readers as well.

“Fragile Equality” will be released on September 24th in Asia/Brazil by JVC and LASER COMPANY RECORDS and October 17th in Europe/USA/Canada by AFM RECORDS .

Hearing is believing…

For more news : Almah Official Myspace

Monday, August 25, 2008

Official statement about Fragile Equality release

The official statement published on MS Metal Press recounts the story of Edu Falaschi's solo project (which has sold over a million albums in the world during his 15 year career) and talks about Fragile Equality:

"In september, Almah who is now a real band and not only a solo project, will release in the world (JVC for Asia, AFM for Europe and US, and Laser Company for Brazil and South America) his second album, called Fragile Equality, which has in his line-up great Brazilian misicians. Marcelo Barbosa, celebrated performer from Brasilia, formed at Berklee (US) he has played with Greg Howe and several others international artists. Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Moreira, nationaly known as one of the best metal guitar players and one of the best metal drummers from the south (caixas Do Sul/ RS) and finally, Felipe Andreoli, Angra's bass player and one of the most respected bass players in heavy metal history.

The Band Almah, with it's new line-up innovate by launching a conceptual album, the lyrics relate the fictional story of a book that the main theme is the harmony between all the elements of the Universe. this book has been thought and co-produced by Edu Falaschi and illustrated in the manga style (traditional Japanese style). The book will release after the new album and will have a nacional distribution. Within the book, wiil find the CD Fragile Equality but without Edu Falaschi's voice, serving as a soundtrack for the reader and as an Almah's karaoke CD.

The band is already working on his next tour, which will start in Brazil in mid-October 2008."

For more news : MS Metal Press and Flogao Almah

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Felipe's blog updating and new video on AlmahChannel

Felipe has updated his blog. He is peaking about Fragile Equality :

"During the past few months, I didn't stopped a second! I wanted to follow the Almah's recordings a maximum, the first note to the last, with my partner and friend Edu Falaschi. And today - in fact already past few days - I can look back and see that all this work is rewarded, because Fragile Equality has even exceeded our own expectations!

Since the composition, arrangement, tones, performance, mixing, everything has been done with total dedication. I 'm very pleased to have worked with people like Eduardo, Barbosa, Paulo Moreira, who are all talented and make an unmatchable team. Without doubt our union has been the main component to get this harmony, each of us giving the best. There are 5 guys who literally gave their blood for Almah, and it's clear that this is something I have always thought: the CD is the portrait of the artist, he lives this time. That's what I feel when I listen Fragile Equality. "

(...) People who have already heard the songs are really very happy and surprised, and I can only hope that this will be the reaction of the majority, because this album comes from the heart at 100% ".

Felipe speaks also about the new single which will be launched next Wednesday (27), "You'll Understand" and the creation of AlmahChannel.

For more news : Felipe Andreoli Official Blog

And here the second video posted on AlmahChannel : this video shows the recording of the Paulo Schroeber's guitars on Fragile Equality

For more news AlmahChannel

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Edu Falaschi : pics of his last workshop in Cataguases

If you want to see pics of the last Edu 's workshop in Cataguases
click here !

Almah : new Myspace and first single of Fragile Equality available on August 27 !

The band will launch its new official Myspace Wednesday, August 27 with its first single "You'll Understand"!

Edu explains: "We have selected this song because it includes most of the elements that characterize the whole work . Today, I'm sure that this album is one of the most important of my life and one of the best album that a Brazilian metal band metal have already done. "

For more news : MS Metal Press and AlmahFrance

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Edu Falaschi : news dates

Here new dates added to the Edu's schedule :

  • ANIME POINT ADVANCED - BARRA MANSA/RJ (Brazil) : 14/08/08 (19h30)

  • ANIME EVOLUTION SG - SÃO GONÇALO/RJ (Brazil) : 28/08/08

  • ANIMA POP - GOIÂNIA/GO (Brazil) : 16/11/08 (17h00)

For more news : Edu Falaschi Schedule Official Website

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Edu Falaschi : TV presenter

The new format of the broadcast Crash TV (Brazilian music TV magazine) will have as presenters Kaká, Thunderbird, Clemente, Luiz Carlini, Trovão, DJ Murilo Rosset, Punck Pancada and Edu!

The first show of Edu as presenter will be broadcasted on September 06, to 13.30 across Brazil!

For more news : Flogao Almah

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Edu Falaschi : Workshop at Catagueses (Brazil) 15/08/08

Edu et Lucas

For his workshop on August 15, Edu has played the songs Breathe (Almah), Bleeding Heart (Angra), Blue Forever and Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) and Rebirth (Angra) with the band Harmonica, among others ...

Thanks to my Brazilian friend Lucas for the photo and the setlist!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Marcelo Barbosa : interview Oceania Rock Web Radio

In an interview for the web Radio Oceanio Do Rock, Marcelo Barborbosa speaks about the release of Fragile Equality and explains that this album (conceptual) is part of a larger project includes a book and a website ....( he says no more ...)

Fragile Equality is completely finished and the worldwilde release is planned on September 20.

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa Official Blog and Oceania Rock Web Radio Official Website

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Marcelo, Felipe, Edu, Paulo and Marcelo at Porao Do Rock

The program Synergia has posted a video of Porao Do Rock on its site ....
In this video, there is a collective interview of Almah (for all those who have the chance to speak Portuguese ...): programme Synergia

Here are some photos of Porao Do Rock:

For more news : Flogao Almah

Friday, August 15, 2008

Edu Falaschi : Workshop Tour

Edu will be tonight at Cataguases (Brazil) from 19.00 for the last workshop of his tour!
For more information MS Metal Press

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Edu Falaschi : Myspace photo album updating !

Edu has added a new photo album on his Myspace: these are photos of the Almah's concert for the event Anime Friends of July 16 2008!

To see the whole photo album it's here !
(To see the album you have to be filed on Myspace)

For more news : Almah official Myspace

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Marcelo Barbosa 's blog updating

"I just received the Master of the new Almah's album. I' m very happy and enthusiastic. furthermore, I'm anxious to show this work to everyone.
The production is very high but I 'm superstitious and I will stop talking about it, before it brings ...
;) "

Don't forget : the new Almah's album worldwilde release in September 20 !

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa 's blog

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marcelo Barbosa : new endorsement

Marcelo Barbosa just endorses by IBOX. The mark dedicated him a personnel page on its site : Endorses IBOX Marcelo Barbosa

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa official blog and Almah's flogao

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Edu falaschi and Julio Vieira

Julio Vieira (Mr Ego's singer) who accompanied Edu in his Workshop tour on August 6 and 7 (Araraquara and Ribeiro Preito, Sao Paulo, Brazil), commented the event: "attend to these two dates, alongside one of the main metal Brazilian singers was simply magical. "

For more news MS Metal Press

If you want to see the workshop atmosphere in Brazil, go to the gallery "Edu falaschi Guitar Music Ribeirao Preto"

Edu Falaschi in Araraquara (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

After its successful Workshop in Araraquara (Brazil), Edu falaschi was invited by the band Dream Vision (who takes part in Edu's workshop) to participate in their concert Friday, August 8 in Araraquara.

For more news : MS Metal Press Official Website

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Almah official Youtube channel creation

Almah has now his own official channel on Youtube !

Here the first video posted : Felipe Andreoli during the bass recording at Norcal Studio (Brazil) for the new Almah's album Fragile Equality !

Enjoy !

Almah official Youtube channel

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Edu Falaschi : workshop tour

Edu Falaschi is this evening to Ribeirao Preto (Brazil) for his workshop, accompanied by the band Dream Vision.

For more news : Flogao Almah

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Felipe Andreoli et Marcelo Moreira : Workshop tour

Felipe Andreoli and Marcelo Moreira conclude their workshop tour today in Cascavel (Brazil).
If you want to see fans pics of their workshop click here

Edu Falaschi : Workshop at Araraquara (Brazil)

Edu falaschi will be this evening at Araraquara (SP) Brazil, to give the first workshop of his workshop tour. Edu will play Almah's and Angra's songs and Knights of the Zodiac's songs.
Edu will speack about technical vocal too.
The singer Julio Viera (Mr Ego) and the band Dream Vision will take part of the event.

For more news :

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New updating of the Marcelo Barbosa's blog

Marcelo Barbosa has updated his blog yesterday : he speaks about "Confessions of a dangerous man", a film of Georges Clooney which he has loved a lot, , concerts attended Muse, Joe Satriani and finished his post with a video of Foo Fighters he likes very much...
Above all, Marcelo reveals the launch date of "Fragile Equality": we must wait until next September 20 to listen it !

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa official blog

Monday, August 4, 2008

Almah : Porão do Rock 2008

"Almah please an audience whenever more on the main stage of Porão Do Rock.

The third attraction on the main stage that night received a public concerned about Edu falaschi's new work. Almah presented his show of pre-launch of the new CD planned for this year. The Band which was formed by musicians from different countries of Brazil was performed in full harmony on stage. The singer expressed his emotion to be back in Brasilia to present their new project, the fans applauded. The setlist has alternated Angra classics songs and Almah's songs. The public has further applauded the announcement of the promise of Almah come back in Brasilia for the release of new album in production phase."

Bruno Henrique Peres

For more news : Porão do Rock official blog

Almah's setlist:

01 - Children Of Lies (Almah)
02 - King (Almah)
03 - Scary Zone (Almah)
04 - Bleeding Heart (Angra)
05 - Take Back Your Spell (Almah)
06 - Birds Of Prey (Almah)
07 - Nova Era (Angra)
08 - Run To The Hills (Iron Maiden cover)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Almah : "Metal Ao Extremo"

The web radio "Metal Ao Extremo" add to its broadcast to July 31 of August 7, Ms Metal Press performers : Abstract Shadows, Fates Prophecy, Hollowmind, Cobalto and of course Almah!
Some songs of all these bands will be broadcasted all the week.

For more news : MS Metal Press