Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fan-Club : novelties of the month !

" Hi everybody ;)

Almah European Fan-Club webmaster here !

Here are the novelties of the month on the fan-club website !

** Tab of the month : "Magic Flame" riff in Guitar Pro format with explanations in PDF and the extract in audio wave.

** Screensavers / wallpapers : 2 new Almah's screensavers and 4 Almah's wallpapers are available on the Scary Zone.

** New service of the Fan-Club : Fans can send their requests to the webmaster to have the Almah's screensavers and wallpapers in a personalized size !

** Christmas on Almah European Fan-Club : The Fan-Club has a surprise for all the Almah's fans playing guitar and bass !
Don't forget to visit the Fan-Club on next December 25th !

And don't forget : registration on the Fan-Club is FREE !!!

See ya soon on the Scary Zone ;)"

The Almah European Fan-Club Webmaster.

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