Thursday, January 14, 2010

Marcelo Barbosa : videos Guitarosofia

Marcelo Barbosa has already released 11 videos of his series "Guitarosofia", available on Youtube.

These videos, more other unpublished, will be soon launched in DVD by the guitarist.

Here is a summary of the links of the 11 videos of guitarosifia, available on Youtube and the explanations of Marcelo Barbosa :

* Guitarosofia n°1
* Guitarosofia n°2
* Guitarosofia n°3
* Guitarosofia n°4
* Guitarosofia n°5
* Guitarosofia n°6
* Guitarosofia n°7
* Guitarosofia n°8
* Guitarosofia n°9
* Guitarosofia n°10
* Guitarosofia n°11

Guitarosofia series consists of short videos, where the guitarist through an informal chat, speaks about different ways of playing guitar, musical theory, composition, improvisation among other .The material has a professional quality and is produced by Guitar Institute GTR and supported by Tagima, Elixir, Orange, NIG, IBOX and St Angelo.

"I have a very big love and interest in teaching music, teaching playing the guitar. This is one of the possible ways I found to give an opportunity for all who are interested to learn more about the world of six strings. It's a pleasure to share a part of what I learned and found myself during more than 20 years dedicated to the instrument."says the musician.

"After the first 20 lessons in Youtube one can buy them on DVD through my website or GTR website, but with scores and tabs, in addition to 10 unreleased lessons which will not be published in Youtube."

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa Official Youtube Channel