Saturday, February 27, 2010

Edu Falaschi, producer talks about the end of the pre-production of Still Alive debut CD

Edu Falaschi : "Hey folks, what's up ? This is Edu Falaschi, Angra's singer. Today I'm here in Still Alive's studio as the producer of the band. I'm here to declare that today is the last day of the pre-production. The album is finished. We have great songs to show you all. The band will be ready to start the recordings in April (2010), at the C4 studio, São Paulo. I hope that you all enjoy a lot their sound. Theses guys are fantastic musicians and will show that the Brazilian heavy metal is strong, and they're as strong as any other foreign band. Soon, I will show you some songs of these guys. Stay tuned on Still Alive's website and Myspace. Stay tuned to get their latest news. And that's all folks, soon we'll be finishing all this process and they will record and intend to release the album in the second semester (2010). Ok guy's ? So stay tuned ! Still Alive, together with Edu Falaschi ! Cheers !"

For more news : Still Alive Official Myspace / Still Alive Official Twitter