Friday, December 10, 2010

Edu Falaschi / Marcelo Barbosa at Rolla Pedra Festival in Brasília / DF (Brazil)

Edu Falaschi and Marcelo Barbosa take part in Rolla Pedra Festival in Brasília / DF (Brazil) at Esplanada do Ministérios this night !

Marcelo Barbosa with his band Khallice at 1.10 am this night and Edu Falaschi with Soulspell at 1.50 am this night too !

This year, Rolla Pedra Festival celebrates the 50 years of Brasília in a special edition dedicated to Brazilian music and its history, with 50 bands representing the decades from 80, 90 and 00 . It's one of the biggest festivals made in the Federal District.

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