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Almah European Fan-Club : news of the month

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Here are the news of the month on Amah European Fan-club :

** News of the month :

- Almah is back with a new album in 2011 : Almah enters the Norcal Studios in São Paulo on 2th of May to record the material for the long awaited 3rd album, the follow-up of successful Fragile Equality (2008).
The line-up remains the same : Edu Falaschi - vocals, Felipe Andreoli - bass, Marcelo Barbosa - guitars, Paulo Schroeber - guitars, Marcelo Moreira - drums.
The album, as-yet-untitled, is planed to be released in September 2011 worldwide.
"I’m very happy with Almah’s comeback in 2011, first of all, because this third CD should consolidade Almah as a band once and for all!!! This album will show you a mature band and it will define the individuality and language of our sound, which is the most important thing! I’m very exctited to launch it soon!"Edu Falaschi.

- Almah : new Myspace and Twitter layout : Almah announces the new official Myspace layout reflecting the changes of band page standards introduced at the end of 2010. The layout has been designed by João Duarte (J.Duarte Design, MS Metal Press), a well-known name in the rock&metal field due to his work with such bands and companies as Angra, MS Metal Press, Kattah, Torture Squad among others:

The new Almah Myspace 3.0 is based on the artwork of Fragile Equality (AFM Records, 2008), the 2nd and the latest album of the band, by Gustavo Sazes ( :

Together with the new Myspace Almah reveals the redesigned Twitter background to provide the best viewing experience after the last version upgrade of Twitter:

Edu Falaschi: "We are very thankful to our great friend João for his incredible and urgent help and really great job! Fantastic! We always try to do our best for our followers and to stay in touch with our fans! Thanks, Joao and thanks to all who love and respect our work, I’ll never forget it!"

- Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli, message to Japan : Following the disaster in Japan, Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli have sent messages of support to their Japanese fans :

Edu Falaschi : "After 10 days I still have no words to express all this pain that I have in my heart!
But at the same time I feel that I must try in any way to help the people that I love and respect so much!
My daughter has Japanese blood and a part of my family is Japanese, and this make the sadness that I feel even stronger!
But I’m sure that Japan will rise again and will show to the world why this country is so evolutive!
I know that Japan lost many innocent lives, but if this kind of disaster had happened in some other country, we would have million of dead people! I’m proud of Japanese people! Their respect, culture and intelligence, saved million of lives!
With all my love and respect"

Felipe Andreoli : "To all our dear fans and friends in Japan,
I know that you are a brave and hard working people, and I know that you will overcome this bad situation in the best way possible.
From Brazil we send you our thoughts, hoping for the best for each and every one of you, your families and loved ones.
This great country has showed the world in the past an incredible capability for overcoming great tragedies, and this time shouldn't be any different.
Best wishes"

** Guitar Lesson of the month : Fan-Club offers you this month to work 13 pentatonic minor exercises / patterns ! Files in downloading contains tabs in Guitar-Pro and PDF formats and also the video of the excercise ! Check out Scary Zone Blog and feel free to ask your questions to Steph, the teacher of the Fan-Club !

** Videos of the month : Here are the new videos available in our video gallery :

  • Video lesson :

- Felipe Andreoli, "Play with your Idol", video IG TV

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