Thursday, June 2, 2011

Marcelo Barbosa to replace Kiko Loureiro for some Angra's shows

Almah's guitarist Marcelo Barbosa was chosen by Angra to replace Kiko Loureiro, who will be absent for family reasons, for the next 3 shows scheduled by the band !

Check out the official statement published by MS Metal Press :

"The guitarist Kiko Loureiro, from the bands Angra and Neural Code, will be absent from the next scheduled dates of Angra for family reasons. In his place, was chosen Marcelo Barbosa, a longtime friend and Almah's member, the band headed by Edu Falaschi.

The artist has released an official statement by press, notifiying the reasons for his absence of the Angra's shows in Suzano, Angra Do Reis and Porão do Rock Festival, annually held in Brasília.

"My friends and Angra's fans who will be at Suzano, Porão do Rock and Angra do Reis shows. Unfortunately I wanted to inform you that I will not be present at these shows for family reasons.

So, to not let my band mates and fans disgruntled and without concerts, Angra chose to invite our friend and partner of many years, the guitarist Marcelo Barbosa, to replace me exclusively and solely in those shows mentioned.

I wanted to apologize in advance for my absence, but be sure that the shows will be impeccable, Marcelo will replace me handily, and Angra will fulfill his contract with contractors and public of these events.

Thank you, I hope the understanding from all."

Kiko Loureiro."

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