Thursday, August 18, 2011

Almah announces release dates of the new album

From Almah Official Website :

Brazilian-based metallers Almah have announced that their new album Motion will be released on October 14th via AFM Records. The band worked on the new CD in São Paulo, Brazil at Norcal Studios in May-June 2011. The material was mixed and mastered at Split Second Sound Studios (Amsterdam, Netherlands) by Jochem Jacobs (Textures) in July. A brand new digital single will be available for online streaming in the beginning of September.

The release dates of Motion in other countries are the following :

- September 16th (Brazil / Laser Company),
- October 14th (Latin America / Icarus Records),
- October 19th (Japan / Victor JVC).

“I’m very excited to present our new work soon! – commented Edu Falaschi, Almah's singer - We are absolutely dedicated, each bandmember contributed to the basic parts, arrangements and songwriting. I’m really proud that this album will show the real language and personality of Almah! Motion is heavy, modern and up-to-date (maybe, the heaviest stuff I’ve ever recorded in my life). It’s powerful! Full of good energy! The instrumental parts are very solid and heavy. The vocal lines present my natural range and style, heavy and aggressive. It’s a kind of album to bang your head without non-stop! And I have a feeling that in the end it will be the best CD in my whole discography. At least, the one I like the most…”

Almah is : Edu Falaschi – vocals, Felipe Andreoli – bass, Marcelo Barbosa – guitars, Paulo Schroeber – guitars, Marcelo Moreira – drums. The band was established by Angra’s singer Edu Falaschi in 2006 and released two albums: “Almah” (2007) and “Fragile Equality” (2008).

For more news : Almah Official Website