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Review of the Almah's show in Maceio on 12/02/08

Here is an English translation (sorry for my poor English !), of a review of the Almah's show in Maceio (Brazil), on 12/02/08, by the Brazilian metal website Whiplash :

Edu Falaschi, Felipe Andreoli

Edu Falaschi

"Tuesday Night, December 02, 2008, Maceio, Alagoas's capital. Who knew that this day would be a day of metal ? Because in the Teatro de Arena, attached to Deodoro Theater, the most classic of the city, start a good metal show : Almah.

In the courtyard of the theater, more than 100 people, hopeful and anxious, waiting for the begining of the show. "I'm wondering how will be the show inside the theater", says Danielle Yezzy, a studient, fan of the band. It's not often that happens a metal show non-acoustic in a theater. But when they open the doors of the theater, the idea of the show is taking shape.Fans are adapting to the padded benches and comment : "It's so good to see a metal show in this way". The place is small (capacity for 180 people), and in the arena, any angle is good to see the band in action.


After the firts part band, the background of Satisfire is replaced by the Almah's one, and under the shouts of the audience, come on stage Paulo Schroeber (guitar), Marcelo Moreira (Drums), Felipe Andreoli (guitar), Marcelo Barbosa (guitar) and Eduardo Falaschi (vocals)."Birds Of Prey", the first song of the new album "Fragile Equality", which pleased everyone who was eager to hear the first Almah's notes.Alternating songs from "Fragile Equality" with songs from the first album, namesake of the band name, and also with some songs from Angra 's repertory, the band played a very good set-list involving the audiance and keeping the public agitated for one hour and a half of the show, also, in good part of the time, the public try to remain itself seated, what was a little funny, and causing a strange comment from Edu Falaschi.

Songs from the Almah's album, "King", "Scary Zone", "Children Of Lies", and "Breathe", left the audience a little more quiet, while the songs from the new album, and especially Angra's songs, pulled the voices of the public in choir. The famous "Bleeding Heart", of Angra, made all singing, exhorted by Edu requesting that all accompanied him, mainly gilrs, which, according to him, like more this song.Songs from "Fragile Equality" were usually predated by comments. "Magic Flame" which had great success in Japan, "Torn", which works very well with Brazilian fans. The song "All I Am", is part of the original set-list but was played for the first time in Maceio, the Salvador's audience couldn't checked it live. From the new album were also played "Beyond Tomorrow" and "You'll Understand" and "Fragile Equality".

The top of the show was the song "Nova Era", from Angra. "In this music, generally, I don't sing, because everyone sings higher than me", said Edu. And when the firt notes sounded, it was confirmed. The audience sang in choir, very high, together with the band, it was a great moment, and nobody remain seated in padded seats of the theater.With this last song they almost said farewell themselfs, if they were not shouts of "Bis", that it was made in a great style. They returned on stage and calling someone from the audience to sing with them "Run to the Hills" from Iron Maiden. Up on stage, showing he had a power voice, Henrique Marques, lead vocal of the heavy/trash metal band "Raiser", from Alagoas.This time, it was not a relationship between a band and his fans, but a real friendship, with everyone standing around the stage, shaking and singing.

During the show, except the Edu's microphone which was a little low in some musics, and lights weak sometimes, everything was very good. After the show, Almah and Satisfire sold CD, took some pics and given autographs. Congratulations to Paranoid Rock, who brought the bands to Maceio, with a good production and professionalim.You coming back !"

Paulo Schroeber, Felipe Andreoli, Marcelo Barbosa

Paulo Schroeber, Marcelo Barbosa

Paulo Schroeber


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