Monday, December 22, 2008

New Fragile Equality's review on Heavylaw

Here is a translation (sorry for my bad English) of a new Fragile Equality's review published by the French metal website Heavylaw

"Almah was born of the union of musicians from different musical background, Paulo Scroeber and Marcelo Barbosa were guitar players in death and thrash metal bands and the rest of the band made his story through the power and heavy metal. Put a "k" before the name of the band and you will get melodic death ! Finland is not the subject here and Pekka Kokko 's band is not the topic of the day.
On the light we have Edu Falaschi which initiated the project, Andre Matos replacement and Angra's singer (if it's still necessary to present). Bringing together competences and great local musicians under the same name, he sings on heavy metal wild pace, which until now smiles to our man. The succes of the first Almah's album generated much interst. For the second album called Fragile Equality we rolled up our sleeves, we work twice as hard and we throw ourself into the songs...

Like a fresh breeze, Fragile Equality refreshed my ears asleep by the rubbishy albums I heard very recently. I have to say that this album is a bomb (nuclear, intergalactic, it's like you want) and marks a great return to inventive and swinging power metal, with the grandiloquence of the Brazilian influences. In fact, we feel these influences with songs like "Invisible Cage", which could remember some Rebith pieces. In addition, the melodic base of the album is embellished by the adition of many musical currents to give an awesome heavy metal ("Magic Flame") and beautifull ballads which aerate and soften the production ("Shade Of My Soul"). With Almah, we have the great pleasure to rediscover music quality, well written and emphazing the creative potential of the brazilians.

The background of each musician is very important. The guitar players, with their exprerience in the extreme metal, show their true talent, accustomed to the velocity and accuracy.
With Fragile Equality we see the progressive graduation in the musical intensity, we can also noted that some songs are made with a flawless melodic movement. The majority of the riffs are embellished in a variety of melodies accompanied by the convincing singing of Edu. The frontman has a vocal ability now well known by all. Vibrating in the treble, his performance embellishes the instrumentales lines and gives all the feeling to captivate the public. "Torn" for example, shows the love for the magic of metal, with this song we feel the rage, the pugnacity and outburst of joy on the chorus. We have to say that the band plays with our emotions helped by the talents of each musician. The soli are very fast and awesome and make us reach the nirvana.In addition melodies are improved with lots of breaks and briges that highlight the awesome technical of Almah. From this point of view, there is nothing to say, the performance is incredible, and I was talking about the techincal of the two guitar players but it's nothing compared to the feeling of the old members. This album is a "must have" and will undoubtedly participate to the reputation of the Edu Falaschi's project. But when it works well it merits awards, there are never surprises !"

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