Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review of the Almah's show in San Remo on 03/20/09

Here is a translation of the review of the Almah's show in San Remo, Jundiai (Sao Paulo, Brazil), on 03/20/09, published on Portal Rock Press :

"[...] After a short waiting time, here are the Almah’s members. Little by little, Marcelo Barbosa (guitar), Paulo Shroeber (guitar), Felipe Andreoli (bass), Marcelo Moreira (drums), and finally Edu Falaschi (vocals) show their faces to the public for “Birds Of Prey”. “Take Back Your Spell”, second track of the namesake debut album, showed all the repect and support the band had at the beginning of his career. Another title of this album was well received by the public “Childre Of Lies”.However, the trio of “Breathe”, “Golden Empire” and “Scary Zone” led the fans to madness. From the new album, we had “Bleeding Heart”, “Magic Flame” and “Fragile equality”.

The set-list of the show was very well chosen and played. Musicians knew very well how to mix the compositions of the two albums to keep the same energy and vibration. The positive point was that the only cover was “Nova Era” of Angra. Despite several requests for the guys playing some Angra’s songs and even the manga’s song “the Kinghts of the Zodiacs”, Edu clearly explained thar it was an Almah’s show and play some songs out of this project would open the music from previous Khallice, Burning In Helle and XXXX, repectively Marcelo Barbosa, Marcelo Moreira and Paulo Schroeber’ bands.

The band also played “Torn”, “King”, “All I Am, “Betond Tomorrow” and finished on a hight note with “You’ll Understand”.

In this great show, Almah had the opportunity to show live, why they was chosen as one of the main band of the last year and his experimented musicians have made the difference. The guys were able to assimilate with great intelligence the little public and took the opportunity to become more intimate and more special for their fans."

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