Thursday, May 20, 2010

Edu Falaschi : Thanks on Twitter

Edu Falaschi : "Thanks a lot to all the fans and friends for your love and support ! You know how I love you all and this crazy thing called Heavy Metal! Lots of hugs and kisses !

I remember that my love to heavy metal began when I bought my first album for my 12th birthday, it was The Last in Line!

It was like that: I’ve got some money from my grandma and ran to a record store and asked the salesman "mister, do you have a heavy disc?” He looked at me smiling and said – this one kicks ass!

I bought it and run to listen on a musical player of my father, increased the volume and… from the first note my future way was traced!

For the first time I got to hear the best voice in the world: Ronnie James Dio, the master of masters!

So, because of a day like today, my birthday, today I’m here with you, guys!!! Thank you a lot for being with me in this life!"

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