Monday, November 1, 2010

Almah European Fan-Club : news of the month

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Here are the news of the month on Amah European Fan-club :

** News of the month : Paulo Schroeber, Almah's guitarist (also guitarist of the bands Astafix and Hammer 67) has launched his Official Website (in English) last month !

You will find there all the news, biography, interviews, photos, videos, links, tour dates, equipment and all the most important details of the actuality of the career of Paulo Schroeber , especially regarding the release of his solo album and his upcoming DVD with Almah riffs and solos ! Check out the following link :

You can also check out the following official links :

** Guitar lesson of the month : Fan-Club offers you this month to discover 33 scales from the world : Japanese, Chinese, Arab, Hungarian, Bysantine, Persian, Hindu... to improve your way of playing ! File in downloading contains tabs in Guitar-Pro and PDF formats !

** Videos of the month : Here are the new videos available in our video gallery :

  • Guitarosofia by Marcelo Barbosa

- Guitarosofia n°14, part 1

- Guitarosofia n°14, part 2

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