Monday, January 31, 2011

Marcelo Barbosa in "Correio Braziliense" newspaper

From Marcelo Barbosa Official English Blog :

The main newspaper in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and home city of Marcelo Barbosa, Correio Braziliense, published an article dedicated to Youtube online network. Youtube was established in February, 2008 and since then Youtube which allows any Internet user to publish his videos online became a serious platform not only for entertainment, but also for professional activities. The author analyses the secret of this network and mentioned a few cases when various people improved their work or even turned their hobbies into a real profession with the help of Youtube. One of the main examples of Youtube impact on the professional field is the series of online guitar lessons by Marcelo Barbosa “Guitarosofia”. Read this part of the article in English:

There are teachers who take this virtual platform quite seriously. It’s the case of the guitarist Marcelo Barbosa who created his project “Guitarosofia” - the series of 15 online 10-minute lessons. Marcelo hired a professional cinematographer and a photo editor in order to produce the material: “The idea was to share a bit of my knowledge with people who would like to attend my lessons but don’t have conditions to do it due to financial or geographic reasons, - tells Marcelo. – At the same time, I wanted to present my school and (why not?) my own name as a guitarist.”

The musician chose a natural style, talking to the cameras without certain scenario: “Every lesson is done as I stay in front of a student and talk to him naturally. Sometimes I even falter or just stop in order to think what I want to tell next”.

The series have already got 75.000 views and the material should be released as a DVD. "

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