Saturday, May 21, 2011

Almah : video reports from the studio, guitar recordings part I, II&III

From Almah Official Website :

Almah continue working at the third studio album, the follow-up to the previous success, Fragile Equality (2008). As we reported, the band entered the Norcal Studios in São Paulo, Brazil on May 2th. Check out the latest studio report by Almah’s guitarist Marcelo Barbosa:

“The last few weeks I live between the trips from my home city Brasilia to Sao Paulo and back: at first, it was preproduction of the new material and right now, we’re recording the guitars for the new CD of Almah. The whole atmosphere in the studio is very good and we are convinced that the album will be great. As the songs are taking shape, we start to realize the weight and profundity of them and of their arrangements. All the guitar bases have been already recorded and at the moment we are doing some details and the solos. I have to return to Brasília for the week-end because of some shows and appointments there. But I believe that before the middle of the next week we’ll finish all the guitar and acoustic guitar parts.

Too many things happen at the same time and I must confess that I’m getting a bit crazy because of it. But let come what may!

I’ve made two videos with parts of the new songs. They are short because we can’t reveal all the secrets before their time, but I think it could be enough to stimulate your curiosity. Some elements remind Fragile Equality, after all, the band remains the same with the same guitarists. These elements are a part of our sound’s identity. But I’m sure that for the most part of the album we are daring enough and many things will be different from the stuff presented on the previous CD.

Sorry, I made a mistake recording the second video with my iPhone, I did it in the vertical position that is why the picture is too narrow. Anyway, what is really important, the sound is there. Check out the videos, we will show you more things soon. Stay tuned!”

- Almah, guitar recordings part I :

- Almah : guitar recordings part II :

- Almah : guitar recordings part III :

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