Saturday, May 14, 2011

Felipe Andreoli about the new Almah's album on Metalrebellion Fan Blog

From Almah Official Website :

As we previously reported, at present Almah continues working in the Norcal studios in Sao Paulo at the third studio effort, the follow-up to the previous success, Fragile Equality (2008). This week, the band has started to work at the guitar parts. Felipe Andreoli has recently revealed a few details about the recording process in the interview for Metalrebellion fan blog. Check out some parts of the interview about Almah:

“Talking about the direction of the new CD, I could say that it’s really heavy enough. Of course, with melodic parts which Almah has always had, with catchy refrains, with the lyrics full of melodies, with cool harmonies and even more, but it’s still quite heavy and it contains some parts which is the heaviest stuff we have ever done. The album is to be launched in the August or September this year, we are in the negotiations with the record label about the best date. We intend to mix the album in Holland and it will take more time than we would like, because the studio there is quite full of other appointments, but it will work. Perhaps, this album won’t be a concept one, we are quite tired of it, we prefer to write the stuff having some freedom, and to be honest, we don’t have certain lyrics as yet (smile). First, we composed the instrumental parts, and now we are going to finish all the lyrics while we record the stuff. But, of course, we have many ideias in our heads”.

Almah is : Edu Falaschi (vocals), Felipe Andreoli (bass), Marcelo Barbosa (guitars), Paulo Schroeber (guitars), Marcelo Moreira (drums). The band entered the Norcal Studios in São Paulo, Brazil on 2th of May. The release of the album, as-yet-untitled, is planned for September 2011 worldwide.

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