Friday, August 28, 2009

Almah European Fan-Club competition !

To celebrate the creation of the Almah's official European Fan Club, Almah France invites you to take part in a competition, where you can win one year of free subscription to the fan-club!

To do this, you have to answer the following questions and send us your answers to the following address: before the 10/01/09!

The winner will be the first to have sent the good answers and will be notified by e-mail!

1. Who did the artwork of the Fragile Equality's cover?

2. What 's the name of the Brazilian studio where was recorded Fragile Equality?

3. What song of Fragile Equality was chosen to shot the first clip of the band ?

4. What song of Fragile Equality was broadcasted in first on the Almah's official Myspace?

You can find the answers to these questions on our official website or on the blog ! Good luck!

I remind to registered members of the Fan-Club they can also take part in this competition to win the album "Fragile Equality" and stickers of the band!

To participate, visit Almah European Fan Club !