Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Almah needs your vote !!!

Almh needs your vote to put the videoclip "Beyond Tomorrow" on TV!!!

To support the band, go direct to http://www.fiztv.com.br/f/v/23522 and press PLAY, then wait some seconds and you will see an information, so when you get it press "SIM"

If you have any problem with the direct link please follow the steps bellow:
  • Step 2 - Roll down the page and see the clips on "Mais Videos Recentes"
  • Step 3 - Click on Almah's video clip ( link ) - [third page]
  • Step 4 - Press play and wait an information ( red and blue baloons )
  • Step 5 - When you see it, press "SIM"
Feel free to vote for Almah !!! Thanks for them !!!

For more news : Almah blog Official Myspace