Monday, February 23, 2009

Review of the Almah's show in Santo André on Blog Metal Play and new gallery pics

Here is a summary of a review of the Almah's show in Santo Andre (Sao Paulo, Brazil) on 02/13/09, published on Blog Metal Play:

"Cold night in the city of Santo André, Edu Falaschi and co will play a show worthy reverence.

The show is planned on 21h00, but there is a delay of about half an hour. The theater is really top-full. The show begins with a traditionnal power metal introduction leaving fans in ecstasy, the band plays the firsts riffs of “Bird Of Prey” from the new album “Fragile Equality”. Immediatly after, “Take Back Your Spell” from the first album, well executed this song works very well live.

The performance of the band is awesome.

They also played “Children Of Lies”, “Magic Flame”, “Fragile Equality”, which delighted the public. Unlike many metal bands, the set-list was well-chosen, combining the best songs from the first album with most recent, including two compositions of Edu Falaschi for Angra. However they could play “Spread Your Fire” from the great “Temple Of Shadows” or “The Course Of Nature” from “Aurora Consurgens”.

Edu Falaschi, who sang very well during all the show, has completely dominated the public.

“Beyond Tomorrow”, “Torn”, “Breathe” and “Forgotten Land” have been well received. This latter song was played by Edu Falaschi on keyboard, one of the best moments of the show. “Scary Zone” and “King”, two popular songs from the first album have been sung by fans, while “Nova Era” shown the passion of the fans for Angra. It’s amazing the power of this song live, all waiting for it impatiently. Undoubtedly the highlight of the show.

To conclude, Edu Falaschi announced one of the best songs from “Fragile Equality”, “You’ll Understand”. Great performance of the band. The charismatic singer thanked the public and promised to come back in May with Angra.

Great show, a real heavy metal lesson."

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