Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fragile Equality Tour 2008/2009 !

Here is a pics gallery of Almah during the Fragile Equality Tour in the North-east of Brazil in December 2008 (pics from Felipe Spider).

Edu Falaschi personally thanked the Brazilian public in an official note:

"Hi, hi people of North-east!
I'm here for, on behalf of the Almah's band, to thank you for the great affection and massive presence of the metal nation in the shows of the band in our recent tour in the Brazilian Northeast. There were unforgettable moments, where we show compositions of our new album, Fragile Equality, live and firsthand. Never forget the great support of you all! Hope to come back soon.
Edu Falaschi. "(Ms Metal Press)

The Fragile Equality Tour continues in Brazil:

*02/12/09 : Show Almah, SESC Santo André, 21h00, Santo André, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
*02/28/09 : Show Almah, Festival Grito Rock, 12h00, Araraquara, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
*03/20/09 : show Almah, San Remo, 12h00, Jundai, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
*04/05/09 : show Almah, Circo Voador, Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)

For more news : Almah Myspace Officiel, Almah France site officiel

A very special thanks to Edu Falaschi for the pics !