Saturday, February 21, 2009

Review of the Almah's show in Santo André (02/13/09), published on Whiplash

Here is a translation of the review of the Almah 's show in Santo André (Sao Paulo, Brazil), published on the Brazilian metal website Whiplash : pics / review by Bell Gasparotto :

"Friday night’s 13th, and a great show at SESC Santo André, the Black Box Of Rock project welcomes Almah, bringing a young audience in their twenties, which is already waiting for the show in front of the theater one hour before. Yes, in the theater. But don’t think that everyone was seated. Chairs were occupied by older, the other seats remained vacant, everyone standing in front of the stage, headbanging, as it should be in a good concert.

With a few delay, Almah’s members up on stage one by one, each of them well applauded. Marcelo Barbosa (guitar), Paulo Schroeber (guitar), and Marcelo Moreira (drums), come first, followed by Felipe Andreoli (bass), and Edu Falaschi (Singer). These two last were more applaused, showing clearly that a great part of the public are Angra’s fans.

During one hour and a half, the band alternated songs of his two albums, hightlights for “Birds Of Prey”, which opened the show and agitated the public. Followed by “Children Of Lies”, “Breathe”, “Beyond Tomorrow”, “Fragile Equality”, “Shade Of My Soul”, “Torn”, “Scary Zone” among others. For the Angra’s fans, the songs “Bleeding Heart” and “Nova Era”, despite several “Carry on “ requests.


The show ends with “You’ll Understand”, without bis, shows at SESC don’t finish late. Very nive, they leave the stage, giving thanks, talking to the fans, giving picks. I confess I knew Almah recently, and I didn’t expect such devotion from the public.(...)"

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