Sunday, August 1, 2010

Almah European Fan-Club : news of the month

Hi everybody ;)

Here are the news of the month on Amah European Fan-club :

** Scrennsaver of the month : While waiting the come back of Almah who takes a break due to the release of the new Angra's album (watch the official statement of the band), the Fan-Club offers you a screensaver composed by Almah's pics taken during his show in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) on past June 13 !

** Guitar lesson of the month : The team of the Fan-Club found that most Almah's fans and Fan-Club members were musicians ! So we opened a few months ago the Scary Zone Blog, which offers guitar and bass lessons. This month, we offer you to work your left hand with 24 exercices in chromaticisms ! These exercices are proposed for guitarists but are easily transposed on bass!

** New videos : Here are the new videos available in our video gallery:

  • Almah, Interview Programa Synergia (Marreco's Fest 2010)

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