Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still Alive / Edu Falaschi / Marcelo Moreira : drum sessions part 1

Here is a video of Edu Falaschi and Marcelo Moreira (Almah) talking about the drum sessions of Still Alive debut album. New Still Alive album, produced by Edu Falaschi and featured Marcelo Moreira, is expected to be launched in the second half of this year in Brazil.

Here are Edu Falaschi and Marcelo Moreira comments :

Edu Falaschi : "Hey guys, what'sup ? I'm Edu Falaschi. I'm at Norcal Studios, producing the band Still Alive. We're at the beginning of the production, recording the drums. We have Marcelo Moreira as special guest on the album. We're at the beginning of the production, although we're finishing the drum recording. Moreira is very fast. He recorded yesterday and today he must finish the 9 songs with drums. Next week I will start another production and soon we'll produce the guitars of Still Alive. In this case, the songs were almost ready. They were very well produced. We spend a lot of months working together in the songs. And now It's just record. We have a good team here, with Brendan (Duffey) and Adriana Daga, here at Norcal. They're both producers and great technicians, and I believe this studio is the best to record rock and heavy metal. That's why we're here, the same studio that Angra's new album is being recorded, where Almah's latest album were recorded, Kiko Loureiro's among others. Well, the album is being done with much effort. We hope to finish it before latin America's Expomusic. And I believe that in this event you will have the pleasure to listen this new Brazilian band, called Still Alive. Soon we'll have more news. And that's all."

Marcelo Moreira : "Hey guys. I'm recording Still Alive's album, at Norcal Studio in São Paulo, the same studio that I recorded Almah's album. It's being very nice, because it's a very different sound that what I usually play. There are a lot of heavy metal elements, but, there are some different things, from what I am used to play. So it's being very nice to try out some new stuff. I'm using my cymbals Orion Kit, that is working very well at studio and I believe that the album will have a great sound. The drums are very good and I think that this will be a great heay metal album, with these guys from Rio De Janiero. I hope that they have a brillant future ahead. I will always watching and helping in what I can. And that's all guys !"

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