Monday, August 16, 2010

Felipe Andreoli tells about Almah

Dear friends! We have a direct message from Felipe Andreoli to you. The bassist tells about Almah and the current moment of his career in general. Please, check it out and stay tuned! Thanks a lot for all the support!

“Hi there, folks! It's been a busy year so far! Now it's time to release 'Aqua' and hit the road again. But that doesn't mean that we'll forget you, Almah fans. We've been working on compositions and ideas all this time, and we're pretty excited about many of them. We were also able to do some shows in Brazil. which was cool not only to be on the road, but also because we really miss each other in this band. Maybe we'll have some other dates coming this second semester, too.

Apart form that I'm again doing some shows with Kiko Loureiro in his solo project, and I'm always playing with Rafael Bittencourt in his solo project as well. There are also two instrumental projects I'm playing with lately, one with Brazilian guitarist Silas Fernandes and other called 'Tao Caos & Cronus', with drummer Renato Bon. Last but not least, a totally remodeled will be available in a very near future, courtesy of designer Gustavo Sazes. Cheers!»

Felipe Andreoli.

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