Thursday, November 20, 2008

Edu Falaschi : new member of the Yamaha family !

Edu Falaschi is now part of the Yamaha Family! He used Yamaha guitars for recording Fragile Equality.
Here is the translation (sorry for my bad English...) of an interview he gave to the Yamaha Brazilian website :

"Edu Falaschi is the latest Yamaha endorsed!
"I am already focused on the Yamaha for some time"

Edu Falaschi is known as Angra’s vocalist, one of the most important heavy metal band, not only in Brazil but also around the world. But Edu’s muscal ability goes far beyond singing. Composer, arranger and produceur, Edu has always had a contact with music, because of family kinship, and his first musical instrument was a guitar.

And it’s precisely with the guitars that came the opportunity of a partnership withYamaha. Edu already knew the instruments, since his Angra’s partner, Raphael Bittencourt, uses them in concerts and recordings. And in his own words, he has “already focused on them”. Edu is launching with Almah, his other band, the Fragile Equality album, in wihch he uses guitars of the CPX and Folk series. Here is an interview of this new member of the Yamaha family.

Yamaha Musical : Fragile Equality is the second album of your solo project, Almah. For those who have not yet the opportunity to listen it and know your work only with Angra, how could you present the new album ?

Edu Falaschi : The most important is to explain clearly that Almah is no longer a solo project but now the band of Edu Falaschi, Felipe Andreoli, Marcelo Barbosa, Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Moreira. I think a team where everyone believes in the work and is totally engage, the end result is always more powerful. Fragile Equality is one of the best albums of my career, with great songs, technical and a lot of energy.

Yamaha Musical : In terms of sound, what is the trademark of Almah?

Edu Falaschi : We are a band of modern Powermetal, without any kind of attachment or limitation of style, we have influences from trash metal, progressive rock to the traditionnal metal.

Yamaha Musical : Your work is worldwide recognized as singer, but at the beginning of your relation with music, your first musical instrument was a guitar. In this Almah’s album, you recorded all acoustic guitars (using Yamaha instruments). How was that experience ?

Edu Falaschi : It was wonderful ! I 'm focused on Yamaha’s guitars for some time, since Raphael Bittencourt, my partner in Angra, appeared with his new electric and accoustic guitars. I tried, espacially the Silent, which were a novelty and I delighted with deep sound and well balanced in the medium bass and trebble. I also played with CPX15II and FGX720 and I felt completely comfortable with these guitars. I don’t like Guitar’s neck too thick or too thin, and it has always been difficult for me to feel comfortable with the majority of guitars, but here I immediatly felt myself easy.


The Silent is perfect in live, for songs that require guitar with nylon strings, because with it I have no problem of microphones displeasing or feedback. In addition , I can also count for Almah’s shows to the CP33 electric piano, which I will use in some songs.

Yamaha Musical : What does it mean for you to be endorsed by a trade name as Yamaha ?

Edu Falaschi : I’m verry happy because it’s a Japanese compagny and I have a lot of connection with Japan since I’m young, because I have two Japanese first cousins, I’m married with a Japanese woman, my car is Japanense, my first trip abroad was in Japan, and I’m completely connected with manga and anime culture, because of the Knights Of the Zodiac, a famous Japanese anime, which I recorded Brazilians versions.

Yamaha Musical : What are your plans for 2009 ?

Edu Falaschi : I plan to complete the promotion of the Almah’s album Fragile Equality, and if all is alright, back with Angra in the first half. If it’s possible to reconcile the two bands, I’ll continue to work with Almah until the end of 2009. In addition to continuing to take part of anime events, I ‘ll get out a book of manga, which I am co-writing, the “"Fragile Equality - Equinox - Book 1"”, maybe I’ll compose an “animetal” album with a Japanese Rockstar, and produce an album from some national band."

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