Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fragile Equality : review on Hard Rock 80 website

Here a translation (sorry for my bad English) of Fragile Equality's French review published on the French website called Hard Rock 80:

"If the first album named Almah was the side projet of the singer Edu Falaschi (Angra), Fragile Equality appears as the first real album of a new band. And the line-up today is totally different than the line-up of the namesake 's album, because only Edu Falaschi, the natural leader of the band, is a survivor. Moreover, it’s not a super-band but a real band, based in Brazil. About celebrity, we can note the name of Felipe Andreoli on bass (and also on production and composition of some music and lyrics), which will wake-up the Angra’s fans attention.

With Edu and Felipe joined together on a same projet, during a new Angra’s breack (we hope this one will not be fatal), the music style makes no doubt. And in fact, we have throughout the ten traks of the album a music style clearly melodic and technical speed. But look out ! It’s not a nth impersonal album of Speed metal , but a piece that could be the new Angra,nothing less.Songs are composed like on Rebirth, but the recipe has been improved : Edu has probably never sung so good, Felipe overchages and finds on his bass unlikely melodic and
rythmic lines and behind are added drum, guitars, to offer us, swinging, rich and intensesongs.

While drums reigns supreme over on the album, All I Am and Shade Of My Soul lighten the ensemble with athmosphere near Heroes Of Sand (Angra). Fragile Equality comes conversely flirt with the trash. Invisble Cages reminds us the Brazilian origins of the band... And betwen these songs, many traks prove the excellence of the band in speed melodies : Birds Of Prey,Beyond Tomorrow or Magic Flame are real melodic evidences which will not get out of your head.

Is everything perfect, however ? About the production, even if all is on the rules of the style, I bewail that drum sounds so mechanical. This take off probably some power to the whole.And about riffs, like on time To Be Free by Andre Matos, I was a little disappointed. However, the two guitars players are great, nothing to say about that, but we never remember the riffs. We retain the melodies and the rythmic here.

In the end, Almah clearly shows his filiation with Angra and assumes it with mastery. An hightly commandable album, just simply.
Finally, the only regret is the inevitable comparison with the band with all began ..."

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