Saturday, November 29, 2008

Review of the Almah's concert at Manifesto Rock Bar on 11/19/08

Here is a translation (sorry for my bad English) of a Brazilian review of the first concert of the "Fragile equality Tour" at Manifesto Rock Bar" on 11/19/08 :

"A short pause for the settings and on stage around 2:00 pm, Almah began his performance with "Birds Of Prey", the opening track of the second album of the band entitled "Fragile Equality". Then, "Take Back your Spell" and "Children Of Lies", both of the first album, followed by the beautiful ballad "Bleeding Heart" of Angra, which is always welcomed. The link and the quality of the band live, with the impressive solos of Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Barbosa, with Edu Falaschi singing completely comfortable and with great personality, were the strengths of the night. From the beginning, the band dominated the public which always answered in a most positive way. The show continues with the band which mixed the songs from his two albums, with emphasis on "You'll Understand", the first song of "Fragile Equality" to be released on the Myspace of the band and has been performed live to the perfection. Then announced "Nova Era" to the delight of the Angra's fans. And to close the concert, nothing better than the devastating "King".
Even on stage, The singer Edu Falaschi announced that the band back then for autographs and pics with fans, so the place remained full even after the end of the concerts. A few minutes later, The members of the two bands have done what they had announced.

Two great shows! Great night!
We want others like that !"

To read the review in Portuguese : Novo Metal