Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fragile equality review from the webzine Rock Eyez Webzine

ALMAH is the new side project of Angra’s front man Edu Falschi and bassist Felipe Andreoli. Their debut release “Fragile Equality” is a concept album that takes the sounds of the early vintage days of ANGRA brought to new heights.

Chants of mastery with ecstasy of power metal vibrating your speakers shattering past memories of ANGRA as a new direction has taken place. ANGRA will never be forgotten but a step forward will be taken with ALMAH.

You have the volatile vocals of Falschi which are reminiscent of Michael Kiske (HELLOWEEN) with the driving guitars of Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber nothing can be better but hark-hooked filled tunes with riveting keyboards and a truly amazing timekeeper in drummer Marcelo Moreira is the binding element to it all.

The opening track “Birds Of Prey” soars with killer harmonies, great lyrics and an abundance of killer guitar solos. Track two “Beyond Tomorrow” shows the expertise vocals of Falschi to be masterful.

Jumping to track four “All I Am” has tasteful elements of IRON MAIDEN and METALLICA and shows ALMAH can be a force in power metal as well as traditional heavy metal. Great powerful track!

The sounds of crackling lightning and droplets of rain opens “You’ll Understand” with a short keyboard melody to sounds of a Beethoven concerto as combustion takes hold and all havoc breaks loose: your minds rattles in Delight! The musicianship is pure gold from progressive to downright nasty. You have slashing bass lines by Andreoli breaking way to destroying solos. Amazing stuff!

The title track “Fragile Equality” seems to be the heaviest tune, thrashing sounds of BRUTALIATOR with Stefan Karlsson mixed with the early days of METALLICA. From hard hitting to a balanced hard edged melodic tune called “Torn” to the sweet ballad “Shade Of My Soul”. ALMAH not only has killer musicians but the lyrical prowess and arrangements are incredible. Check out the last track “Meaningless World” almost jumping back again in the Viking metal genre but still holding the torch of brilliance. BUY THIS ONE!

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