Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fragile Equality review from Roadie Crew

Here is a summary of a Fragile Equality review by the Brazilian metal magazine Roadie Crew (by Ricardo Campos). (Sorry for the bad translation...).

"Almah, which began as the parallel project of singer Eduardo Falaschi (Angra), who released his first album namesake in 2007, introduced weights guests of the international metal scene. But a break of Angra finally allowed Edu to turn his project into a real band. And here is Fragile Equality . Having at his side the bass player Felipe Andreoli, his partner in Angra, the singer began working on this album, which has as concept the balance between the elements of the universe, and joined together a solid line-up, with Marcelo Barbosa (guitar), Marcelo Moreira (drums) and Paulo Schroeber (guitar). Together, in the Norcal Studios (Sao Paulo), they recorded and produced an exceptional album, which in addition to an impeccable sound quality, contains a wide range of sounds, combining weight, melodies, complexity and excellent arrangements. Just like the concept that develops, Fragile Equality is characterized by the musical balance with a track-list and compositions that manage to maintain a balance between quality and all factors presented, to the most heavier and direct, to the most melodic and epic, to the most complex and experimental while passing by the ballads.
Despite this diversity, all sound in harmony and sharing the same unity.
Fragile Equality, one of the albums of the year in Brazil and in the world! "
Rating: 9

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