Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Almah : best band of the year on Rock Underground

Almah is once again the big winner of the survey the "best of 2008" published by the metal Brazilian website Rock Underground!

Here is a translation of the official press releasepublished by MS Metal Press:

"A new media has published its list of the best of 2008. This time, it’s the website Underground Rock, one of the most respected and active media of metal in Brazil, which has revealed its survey with its champions.

The band Almah is once again the big winner, coming ahead of the main categories presented, showing the excellent period lived by the band, mainly after the release of his second studio album, Fragile Equality. See below the categories won by Almah and the categories where his musicians were cited :

* Best band : Almah (12,04%)

* Best national album : Fragile Equality (9,09%)

* Best national Album cover : Fragile Equality (10, 00%)

* Best national show : Almah in 2nd place (9,00%)

* National revelation : Almah in 2nd place(6,05%)

* Best national singer : Edu Falaschi (19,00%)

* Best national bass player : Felipe Andreoli 4th place (9,01%)

* Best national drummer : Marcelo Moreira 5th place (7,00%)"

Congratulations Almah !!!

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