Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Almah : winner of the votes "the best of the year" on Roadie Crew

Here is a translation of the official press release from MS Metal Press about the consecration of Almah as best band of the year by the readers of the Brazilian metal magazine Roadie Crew:

"The band Almah, led by the singer Edu Falaschi (Angra), was the big winner of the vote of the best of 2008, promoted by the most important metal publication in Brazil, the magazine Roadie Crew. In the n°122 of March, the readers selected the band as the winner in the most important categories of the poll. “We were very happy with the support given by our real fans. We work hard to give our best to all who have always been on our side. Thanks for the very significant vote and wait for some Almah’s news very soon”, said the singer Edu Falaschi (...)

In addition to his new album, Fragile Equality, elected as the best release of 2008, the band has been voted as the best national ban, Felipe Andreoli as the best bass player and the artwork of Gustavo Sazes as the best cover.

Here are below all the categories Almah’s won an where his musicians where named :

* Best Band : Almah (13,28%)

* Best national album : Fragile Equality (20,68%)

* Best national cover : Fragile Equality (29,98%)

* Best national bass player : Felipe Andreoli (8,60%)

* Best singer : Edu Falaschi (3th place)

* Best guitar player : Marcelo Barbosa : (8th place)

* Best drummer : Marcelo Moreira : (5th place)"

For more news : MS Metal Press