Friday, March 6, 2009

Winner of the competition : "be the designer of the All I Am cover"

Here is the artwork selected by Almah to be the cover of the single "All I Am".

The competition, organized by Equality Fan Club was very successful because the organizers have received more than 500 artworks from around the world in less than a month!

The winning artwork was created by Carlos Barbosa,from society Side Art Design, and has attracted the attention of the singer Edu Falaschi: "Carlos was a great surprise. He managed to capture the atmosphere of Fragile Equality in transposing to another time of the story which is presented in "All I Am". I want to congratulate all competitors and especially Carlos, for added value to our work. "

The single "All I Am" will be available from Monday 9 March on the website of the Equality Fan Club and will be allotted for fan-club members.

For more news : MS Metal Press, Equality Fan-club, Almah official website