Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Edu Falaschi : Tribute to Iron Maiden

Edu Falaschi and Tito Falaschi will take part next Saturday in the "Tribute To Iron Maiden" organized by the fan club of the band at Red Walls.

Here is a translation of the official press release of the even t:

"Tribute To Iron Maiden in Rio De Janiero :

Next Saturday, 03/07/09, will be held the Iron Maiden History, headed by Edu Falaschi.

The Red Walls production, came in contact with the singer and invited him to patronize the event wich will be a tribute from the Iron Maiden fan-club, one of the biggest metal bands in the world.

The show is a celebration for the Iron Maiden coming in Rio De Janeiro in 2009, and the singer Edu Falaschi will play classicals of the entire career of the band. In addition, Tito Falaschi was also invited to play the Steve Harris lines, among others guests !

In addition, 2 tickets for the Iron Maiden show will be win by drawing lots.

The first part of the show will be provided by the Allamadda band.

For the fans of metal, iron Maiden, Angra, Almah,etc...

We rely upon the presence of all in this great show !


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