Sunday, March 1, 2009

Novelty on the blog !

Novelty on Almah France Blog: You can now read the blog with music!

To do this, go to "music in listening" on the right of the blog and click on "play".
You can open the player in a new window (pop-up), allowing you to browse the blog without intermission of music (1)!

You can also adjust the sound (2) and change the track (3) whenever you want!

The playlist will change from time to time!

This month Almah France offers you :
  • Magic Flame (Fragile Equality)
  • You'll Understand (Fragile Equality)
  • King (Almah)
  • Forgotten Land (Almah)
  • The Sign Of Glory (Bonus Europe Almah)
  • Supermind (Bonus Europe Almah)