Friday, October 1, 2010

Almah European Fan-Club : news of the month

Hi everybody ;)

Here are the news of the month on Amah European Fan-club :

** News of the month : Paulo Schroeber will release soon his first video lesson in DVD. He will demonstrate his riffs and solos from Fragile Equality (Almah, 2008)! In addition to video, tabs will be available on the website of Condor Music :

In this video, Paulo also announces his new brands endorses : Condor (guitars) and Orange (amps).

Fan-Club offers you to download the trailer of Paulo Schroeber's video, with the song Magic Flame (Fragile Equality, 2008) !

** Photo gallery in downloading : To celebrate the release of Paulo Schroeber's video lesson, the Fan-Club invites you to download a photo gallery of the shooting of this video !

** Guitar lesson of the month : Fan-Club offers you this month 18 sequences of colored arpeggios for your solos ! File in downloading contains tabs in Guitar-Pro and PDF formats !

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