Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paulo Schroeber reveals secrets from Fragile Equality in a video

MS Metal Press Official Release :

Paulo Schroeber, the guitarist of the band Almah, will launch in the first half of 2011 his first video lesson in DVD. The video is sponsored by compagnies who are supporting the artist, Condor Guitars and Orange.

In this DVD which will last 90 minutes, the artist will reveal some details regarding his involvement on Almah second album - "Fragile Equality" (released in 2008) - and will present all the equipment he uses in the current phase of his career.

** Teaser of the video :

Check out a pics gallery from the shooting of Paulo Schroeber's video by Alex Milesi on Paulo Schroeber Official Website !

In parallel, Almah has finished the last step of the "Fragile Equality Tour" in Brazil, and will devote soon on the composition process of his new studio album.

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