Thursday, October 14, 2010

Edu Falaschi tells about Almah on Rio Metal Blog

From Almah Official Myspace :

"Edu Falaschi revealed a few details about the past and the future of his band ALMAH in the recent interview for Rio Metal Blog (Rio de Janeiro / Brazil, October 2010). Edu told about Almah among other matters such as the new Angra’s album, the work in the band over the years and his pre-Angra career, also the singer mentioned some other interesting facts and ideas.

Check out the part of the interview about Almah:

Rio Metal Blog : "When and how did you decide to establish Almah?

Edu Falaschi : In 2006 I launched Almah as a solo album. Then, while being without activities with Angra, I decided to transform Almah into a real band. And it really turned to be a mega band, because our musicians are excellent and super talented, besides being friends and doing everything with a great love and inspiration.

Rio Metal Blog : To record the first Almah album you invited worldwide famous musicians, how did you make it possible?

Edu Falaschi : They are friends of mine.

Rio Metal Blog : How did you get along with them?

Edu Falaschi : Perfectly, they are great guys! It was an honor for me! I liked to visit them in USA and Finland. I adored everything! I made this CD exclusively for myself, without any pretense, it is a pure soul (“alma” means soul in Portuguese).

Rio Metal Blog : Making the 2nd album you already had musicians from Brazil, and it looked like that in the end, the project turned to be a real band. How did you get to this line-up?

Edu Falaschi : At that moment, I had already known all of them quite a long time, only Paulo was pointed out by Moreira.

Rio Metal Blog : How could you sum up “Fragile Equality” tour? I believe it has been very satisfactory, at least I was at the show in Circo Voador here in Rio de Janeiro and I found that the response of the public was really good.

Edu Falaschi : It has been quite cool. Clearly, we would have liked to have an international tour and even more shows in Brazil. But there’s time for everything. Soon we will start working at a new CD, the third album of Almah, and maybe some international tour can happen then.

Rio Metal Blog : If I’m not mistaken, you mentioned at that show in Rio that the song Torn could have been left out of the album, but Felipe Andreoli insisted to include it. Could you explain?

Edu Falaschi : Yes, it’s right, I believed that this song was too much heavy to fit the style of the rest of the album, but I was completely wrong (smile). That is why the best solution for any band is to discuss everything in a democratic way.

Rio Metal Blog : Edu, do you already have in mind a new album for Almah?

Edu Falaschi : Yes, to do it soon!"

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